Salinas BWA News for January 2016

Dear BWA Members and BTS Members 

                  Happy New Year! May your New Year be filled with a happiness and warmth and may you share this feeling with those around you.

            I am a first time BWA president so please bear with me. I will be needing a lot of help and support from all you members and look forward to working with all of you.  We will be hosting the CDBWL Conference on March 12, 2016. The conference committee members have been busy with monthly planning meetings since last summer. We will be needing all the BWA members' help with the conference, from arranging the continental breakfast, lunch, desserts to chairing services and workshops. Please save the date, March 12, 2016.

            Reverend Orai Fujikawa and Mrs. Minako Fujikawa will be returning to Vancouver in the Fall. Thank you Sensei and Okusama for all your hard work and dedication to our temple and to all our members.  We look forward to these few more months before Sensei and Okusama have to leave but also look forward to the future with a new resident minister.

            I will be sharing the presidency  with Irene Yonemitsu (July - September) and Bonnie Yokota (October - December). As you can see, we still are looking for a president to serve April - June. Please let me know if there is anyone who can help us and serve as President April, May and June. All of us BWA presidents will be relying on your help to make this a good year for Salinas BWA.

In Gassho,

Kahori Kuramura

BWA President January - March








                                                                                                                                                合             掌




56th Coast District Buddhist Women's League Conference, March 12, 2016 


Salinas BWA News for December 2015

            The Coast District Nembutsu Family Conference was held in Monterey on October 25 co-hosted by Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple and the Buddhist Temple of Salinas. Salinas had 62 members attend, 25 were BWA members.  Everyone had a good time embracing the theme “Live a Real Life”. We listened to Dharma talks from all of the Coast District ministers in English and Japanese and learned about the art of taiko and shakuhachi from the workshop guest musicians Johnny Mori and George Abe, pioneers of taiko and shakuhachi in Buddhist music in the United States. Many children and adults were able to have hands on experience playing taiko drums during the workshops. The younger group also learned a hip-hop ondo.

                  The following BWA members helped with the conference on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday sorting all the t-shirts, setting up registration, making table decorations and purchasing and setting up the Continental breakfast: June Aoki, Carol Cisneros, Kahori Kuramura, Tamiko

Oishi, Frann Schwamm, Cynthia Tsukamoto, Helen Yamashita, Bonnie Yokota and Irene Yonemitsu.  Thank you to all the BWA members (and Dharma School) who made and donated the daifuku manjus and American desserts. It was the responsibility of Monterey and Salinas members to make and donate the delicious desserts for the conference. Thank you to Carol Cisneros and Kahori Kuramura for representing Salinas BWA at all the conference planning meetings.

            We sincerely apologize to the ladies (and husband) who came and made the daifuku manjus for the osonae and dessert table. The chairperson for the manju making did not call BWA members in a timely manner and notified them at the last minute. Yet, many of you made the time to come and help make the manjus. We apologize for causing any misunderstanding regarding the preparation of the manju and donation of the cost of the manju supplies. We deeply thank you for your due diligence and dedication in providing the conference attendees with the delicious home made daifuku manjus.

            Thank you to everyone who attended our BWA Memorial Service and gave generous

donations. Thank you to our flower and candle offerers:  Kayoko Kyutoku, Noriko Uchida,

Fumi Urabe and Ekiko Yonemitsu. Our guest speaker was Rev. Henry Adams from San Mateo Buddhist Temple. Rev. Adam's Dharma talks in English and Japanese  were very moving and  inspiring. 18 Temple members including Rev. Adams and Rev. and Mrs. Fujikawa enjoyed a delicious lunch at Crazy Horse Country Club. Thank you to club members Mel and June Aoki for providing the venue.

            Toban group 3 members (chairs Lillian Kawahira and Tomi Matsuno) and toban group 4 members (chairs Mitsuko Hagihara and Fukiko Nishio) did an excellent job making all the delicious udon at the Temple Udon Lunch on November 15. They spent Saturday prepping the udon ingredients, making the daifuku manjus and making the table decorations.  Many people came to lunch even on a wet and cold day. Seemed like the udon was exceptionally good on a cold day.

             Besides the BWA tobans, the Temple Men's toban 2 and 3 came and helped boil, rinse udon and cleaned up gym and kitchen after lunch. The Dharma School parents and children helped make and sell some pastries, drinks, onigiris etc. and serve and bus the lunch. We also had other Temple members help us in the kitchen as well as the gym and the clean up.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this a very successful and enjoyable lunch. 











Salinas BWA News for November 2015

Salinas Buddhist Women’s Association

November report.

We are sadden to lose one of our BWA member Haruko Otsuka on October 1, 2015. Our heartfelt condolences to Mr. Eiji Otsuka and children, George, John and Judy.

October 9th and 10th - Carol Cisneros and Tamiko Oishi were Salinas BWA's delegates to the FBWA Representatives meeting in Seattle, Washington.   Bonnie Yokota attended as CDBWA President.

We voted to make some changes to the FBWA Constitution and By-Laws. These changes updated PC terminology reflecting gender terminology and title changes. Rev. Ron Kobata was the keynote speaker.

We will be purchasing 2 wall ovens to replace the old ones in the kitchen. Herb Wong is helping us find the best deal and will help with ordering and installing the ovens. Thank you Herb!

Many of our members helped with the Temple Tri-tip sale on Sept. 27. Thank you to the members who helped prep and give out orders, baked for the pastry sale and made monetary donations for the bake sale.

On October 25, 25 SBWA member along with Rev. and Mrs. Fujikawa attended the Coast District Nembutsu Family Conference in Monterey. All seemed to have a good time learning to embrace the theme “Live a Real Life” and learning the art of “Taiko” from guest musicians Johnny Mori and George Abe, pioneers of Japanese American and Buddhist music in the United States.










Salinas BWA Senior Lunch and Social report


            Our first BWA Senior lunch and Social was held Sunday, September 20 from 11am to 1pm. Our seniors were our guests and other members came to socialize and help in the kitchen and with the bingo activity. This event was open to all BWA members.

            Everyone had a great time playing bingo and even winning some nice prizes.

We had a delicious lunch of miso salmon, roasted pork with tonkatsu sauce, cucumber suno mono, toss salad, daikon and cutie tsukemonos, gohan (white and matsutake/mushroom rice) and 3 kinds of delicious desserts (mushi manju, apple crisp and kahlua cake). Thank you to all the seniors who came and supported the first of many BWA Senior Lunch and Socials.

            Thank you to the many members who helped with the cooking, cleaning and bingo activity: June Aoki, Carol Cisneros, Masako Hirai, Kahori Kuramura, Kazue Kuramura,

Yoriko Kuramura, Machiko Miyanaga, Fukiko Nishi, Tamiko Oishi, Yoshiko Shioya, Cynthia Tsukamoto, Atsuko Yamaguchi, Noriko Yamaguchi, Helen Yamashita, Mariko Yamashita, Bonnie Yokota, Fumiko Yonemitsu, Irene Yonemitsu.

            A special thank you to Akiko Onitsuka for the delcious cucumbers and daikon, to

Kiyoko Uchida who helped us make the daikon tsukemono, to Minako Fujikawa for making the cutie and daikon tsukemonos, to Kimi Yoshimura for the peach and pear compote, to Tsugu Kuramura and Kumi Tashiro for the beautiful flowers, to Rev. Fujikawa for the written Shokuzen no Gassho and leading us in stretching exercises.

            We were very happy to have had such a successful and fun Lunch and Social. We plan to have these lunches several times a year. We will keep you posted for the next BWA Senior Lunch and Social. Thank you, everyone.







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