Salinas BWA News for September 2018

We are still looking for a volunteer to be President from October to December 2018. If you can help us, please notify our current President, Irene Yonemitsu.

July 14 and 15 – we made Kuri manju and had our BWA meeting. Thank you, Irene for purchasing lunch items on Saturday and doughnuts on Sunday. We tried a few different techniques for making kuri manju. Ultimately the chairperson will decide what changes may or may not need to be made. Thank you to chair Fukiko Nishio and 2 co-helpers: Masako Hirai and Misako Kamimura.

July 17 – Oboro-ebi prep. Thank you to chairperson, Bonnie Yokota and her dedicated group.

Bonnie has been working on making Oboro as easy and painless as possible since we use fresh shrimp and is more labor intensive. They may have attained the best recipe (yea!).

July 19 – An-pan making. Thank you to chair Kay Morishita and her group. Many of the Japanese pastries sold out by 5pm. We will be making more daifuku manju next year since it sold out by 3pm.

July 29 – Obon went well this year even though we closed an hour earlier. We sold out on most items and did not have to slash prices drastically. We will be rethinking how much sushi to make next year. We will also make more yaki onigiri to sell. Thank you to all the Obon chairs, co-chairs:  Fukiko Nishio, Yoriko Kuramura, Misako Kamimura, Kazue Kuramura, Fumiko Yonemitsu, Mitsuko Hagihara, Irene Yonemitsu, Machiko Miyanaga, Noriko Yamaguchi, Kay Morishita, Kiyoko Uchida, Bonnie Yokota, Setsuyo Yamashita, Katsuyo Shinhira, Yoneko Inoue, Kazuko Yonemitsu, Tomiko Kamimura, Fumiko Onitsuka, Kahori Kuramura, Lillian Kawahira, Tomi Matsuno, June Aoki, Tamiko Oishi, Carol Cisneros.

A big thank you to Rev. Fujita who helped pound the mochi for the daifuku manju. We will need to get him to help for next year also.

Thank you to all the Obon pastry bakers: Irene Yonemitsu, Fusako Yonemitsu, Bonnie Yokota, Helen Yamashita, Suzuko Uto, Jan Tokiwa, Sachi Tanimura, June Tanimura, Frances Schwamm, Tamiko Oishi, Linda Miyazaki, Machiko Miyanaga, Misako Kamimura, Mitsuko Higashi, Carol Cisneros, June Aoki and the unknown person who baked the brownies. Thank you to the members who made monetary donations: Fumi Urabe, Nancy Uota,Yasuyo Kikuchi, Kahori Kuramura, Cynthia Tsukamoto, Mariko Yamashita, Fukiko Nishio, Fumiko Onitsuka, Noriko Uchida, Valerie Onitsuka, and Chieko Eitoku.              

Thank you to Kahori Kuramura for working with Wakabayashi Company to make sure our Onaijin was properly crated and sent to Japan for restoration.

Please attend the Tri Temple Ohigan service and lunch on Sunday, September 9 at 10:00am at the Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple. Guest speaker is Rev. Sala Sekiya from Gardena Buddhist Temple. Salinas will bring the dessert for the luncheon and Kahori will order the cakes and pick them up.  

Irene Yonemitsu, Cynthia Tsukamoto and Rev. Yugo Fujita will attend the BCAFBWA Conference in Visalia on Sept. 14-16. They will represent Salinas BWA and attend the meetings and conference          .

Please remember to sell your tickets for the Temple Tri-Tip Sale on Sunday, September 30. Also, there will be a bake sale so please bring something delicious to sell or if you are unable, a monetary donation will be greatly appreciated by the temple.

Please mark your calendars for our annual Eitaikyo service and Keirokai luncheon on Sunday, 

October 21. Rev. Michael Endo will be the guest speaker.

Our September BWA meeting will be Saturday, September 22 at 10:00 am.




















Salinas BWA News for July 2018

We are still looking for a volunteer to be President from October to December 2018. If you can help us, please notify our current President, Irene Yonemitsu.

Thank you to everyone who supported our annual BWA Food Sale on June 3. It takes many, many BWA, BTS members and friends to host a successful food sale. We would like to thank all the men and young men who came and helped on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A special thank you to Herb Wong for chairing the barbequing and getting all the guys to cook, especially from 3:00am. Many thanks to: Mark Amiya, Ken Dairokuno, Isao Eitoku, Robert Gatanaga, Kaneaki Hagihara, Larry Hirahara, John Hirasuna, Mitsumori Kuramura, Tatsumitsu Kuramura, Tsugu Kuramura, Glenn Minami, Neil Miyazaki, Davis Onitsuka, Alan Takemura, Gary Tanimura, Larry Tokiwa, Gene Tsukamoto, Neil Uota, Mark Yamaguchi, Tsutomu Yamashita, Ron Yokota, Kenji Yonemitsu, Don Yoshimura, Rev. Yugo Fujita and chair Herb Wong. A very special thank you to our young men: Brandon Onitsuka and Bryce Uota for starting at an early age to help the BWA. We thank Temple members Mitsuko Gatanaga, Machiko Miyanaga and Fran Schwamm for all their help.

A big thank you to all of you who baked delicious pastries for the sale or who gave a monetary donation for the bake sale: Pastries -  June Aoki, Carol Cisneros, Hisako Dairokuno,  Mitsuko Hagihara , Masako Hirai, Lillian Kawahira, Kahori Kuramura, Kazue Kuramura, Yoriko Kuramura, Yoshiko Kuramura, Kayoko Kyutoku, Kazuko Miyanaga Linda Iwamoto Miyazaki, Tamiko Oishi, Fran Schwamm,  Jan Tokiwa,  Cynthia Tsukamoto, Kiyoko Uchida, Noriko Uchida, Noriko, Yamaguchi, Helen Yamashita, Mariko Yamashita, Noriko Yamashita, Setsuyo Yamashita, Bonnie Yokota, Fusako Yonemitsu, Irene Yonemitsu .  Monetary donations -  Chieko Eitoku,  Misako Kamimura,  Yasuyo Kikuchi, Fukiko Nishio, KayMorishita, Judy Otsuka, Joni Yamaguchi.

Thank you for the donations for the Produce sales: Glen Noma (4 flats strawberries), Larry Hirahara (10 flats blueberries), Akiko Onitsuka (2 boxes daikon, 4 boxes Japanese cucumbers, 2 containers of alstroemeria flowers). Tanimura and Antle for: iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, napa cabbage, asparagus, Artisan lettuce, parsley, celery, artichokes, green onions.

Thank you to all the BTS, BWA members and friends who attended our Lady Kujo Memorial service on June 10. Thank you, Rev. Fujita, for enlightening Dharma talks, accompanist Kahori Kuramura and chairperson Jan Tokiwa. Thank you to the following members for their donations: Yoshito/Tomi Matsuno and Curtis/Janet Louie families (onaijin flowers), Mitsuko Higashi, Koichiro/Ekiko Yonemitsu (fruit osonae), George/Lynne Gatanaga (onaijin sweets), Mark/Joni Yamaguchi, Tsutomu/Rieko Dairokuno, Ryoji/Akiko Onitsuka, Kenji/Tamiko Oishi, Fumiko Onitsuka (otoki refreshments)            

After the service, we went for lunch at the Club at the Crazy Horse Ranch. As usual we all had a delicious lunch. Thank you, June and Mel Aoki.

The BCAFBWA conference will be held September 14-16, 2018 at the Marriott Hotel, Visalia CA. It is hosted by Central California District. Please see conference poster. Japanese guest speaker will be Rev. Ryuta Furumoto (Senshin sensei), English guest speaker Rev. Bob Oshita. They will also have a workshop for the Japanese speaking members. Please sign up and support this conference.

Obon is a month away and we are busy making preparations, disinfecting refrigerators and freezers, making lumpia, making oboro ebi, and making anpan, etc. 

Obon schedule should be going out at the beginning of July, please check the Obon schedule and see if I need to change booth/shift assignments and let me know as soon as possible.

We will be making kuri manju on Sunday July 15 from 9:00am. Please come and help us.










Salinas BWA News for June 2018

We are still looking for a volunteer to be President from October to December 2018. If you can help us, please notify our current President, Kahori Kuramura.

Salinas hosted the Tri-Temple Hanamatsuri Service on Sunday, April 22, 2018. Kahori Kuramura chaired the making of the Hanamido on Saturday, April 21.  Flowers were donated by Green Valley Floral (Matsuno and Louie families) & Ryoji and Akiko Onitsuka: Thank you!  Helpers were: June Aoki, Fukiko Nishio, Kiyoko Uchida, Noriko Uchida and Rev. Yugo Fujita. Toban 1 was in charge of the luncheon and Carol Cisneros and Irene Yonemitsu were co-chairs for the luncheon. Thank you to Group 1 Toban members for all their help. Herb Wong and Mark Amiya barbequed delicious tri-tips and Larry Tokiwa made his delicious chili beans.

Rev. Henry Adams gave a Dharma lecture on Saturday, April 21. We had a well-attended audience including Bishop Kodo Umezu and wife Janet Umezu, Rev. Anan Hatanaka (IBS), Rev. Noritaka Imada (IMOP), Rev. Etsuko Mikame (IMOP), Rev. Hibiki Murakami (IMOP), Rev. Jay Shinseki and wife Jane Shinseki and Rev. Yugo Fujita.  Rev. Adams gave a very interesting and engaging talk about Rev. Daisho Tana and his World War II internment camp journals. We later went to dinner at The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch (thank you Melvin and June Aoki). Everyone enjoyed Rev. Adams’ Dharma lecture and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and socialization time with the members and the senseis.

The 11thannual Asian Festival was held on Saturday, April 28th.  Cynthia Tsukamoto was the chairperson of the Artifact Sales. We received a lot of donated items from many BWA and BTS members: Thank you! Kahori Kuramura was the chairperson for the manju making on Friday. Thank you manju helpers: Tomiko Kamimura, Yoshiko Kuramura, Fukiko Nishio, Kiyoko Uchida, Setsuyo Yamashita, Fumiko Yonemitsu and Rev. Yugo Fujita. We spent many days and many hours sorting, pricing and setting up items for the Sale. We also packed everything for next year’s sale on May 10. Thank you, Artifact Chair Cynthia Tsukamoto and sale helpers, June Aoki, Carol Cisneros, Mitsuko Hagihara, Lillian Kawahira, Kahori Kuramura, Machiko Miyanaga, Kay Morishita, Tamiko Oishi, Fran Schwamm, Yoshiko Shioya, Jan Tokiwa, Melissa Trotter, Joni Yamaguchi, Helen Yamashita, Setsuyo Yamashita, Bonnie Yokota, Sachiko Yokota, Fumiko Yonemitsu, Irene Yonemitsu. Thank you to Fukiko Nishio and Kazuko Yonemitsu who sold all the Daifuku manju on Saturday. A special thank you to Gene Tsukamoto and Rev. Fujita who did a lot of heavy lifting of the artifact items. Thank you, Gene, for taking the unused items to Goodwill Stores.    

Group 2 toban with co-chairs June Aoki and Cynthia Tsukamoto helped with the Temple picnic on Sunday, May 20 following the Gotan-e service. Thank you all toban members who helped with the delicious lunch.

Many BWA members helped make bouquets for the Memorial Day services on Monday, May 28. We have prepared a report for Memorial Day. It is on page 7.

Thank you to everyone who supported our annual BWA Food Sale. See next month’s newsletter for a report on our food sale.   











Salinas BWA News for May 2018

We are still looking for a volunteer to be President from October to December 2018. If you can help us, please notify our current President, Kahori Kuramura.

Salinas hosted the tri-temple Hanamatsuri lecture, service and luncheon on Saturday and Sunday, April 21 and 22. Group 1 toban helped with the luncheon with Irene Yonemitsu and Carol Cisneros as co-chairs. See next month’s newsletter for detailed report on the Hanamido making, lecture, service and luncheon. 

The yearly Asian Festival was held on Saturday, April 28. Please read next month’s newsletter for a report on the event. Kahori Kuramura chaired the manju making and Cynthia Tsukamoto chaired the Artifact sales.

Group 2 toban with co-chairs June Aoki and Cynthia Tsukamoto will help with the Temple picnic on Sunday, May 20 following the Gotan-e service.

Many BWA members will be help make bouquets for the Memorial Day services on Monday, May 28. We will be making the bouquets Saturday, May 26 from 9:00 am at the Temple. Tamiko Oishi will oversee getting volunteers to help and getting the flowers. She will also ask Dharma School to help clean vases and put out the floral bouquets on Saturday May 26. In addition to the following volunteers, Tamiko will be calling other members: Carol Cisneros, Kahori Kuramura, Kiyoko Uchida, Irene Yonemitsu.

Please support our annual Food Sale on Sunday, June 3. We will be selling ½ teriyaki chicken, futomaki sushi, inari sushi, chirashi. In addition, we will have a produce sale and a bake sale. Please check the Food Sale Work schedule for dates and times when we need your help. We will greatly appreciate any desserts you can bring for the bake sale. If you need more tickets or need to turn in your tickets and money, please see Jan Tokiwa or Cynthia Tsukamoto. You can also mail it to the Temple.

Thank you for your support.











Salinas BWA News for April 2018

1.  We are still looking for a volunteer to be President from Dec. 2018. Kahori Kuramura is our President from April to June, 2018.  
2. The CD BWL Conference was held on March 17, 2018 in Mt. View. Rev. Candice Shibata of the Florin Buddhist Church was the English keynote speaker and Rev. Yushi Mukojima of the Mountain View Buddhist Temple was the Japanese speaker. The theme of the conference was “May All Beings Be Happy and Well”.  Rev. Shibata shared some personal experiences and reminded everyone to have compassion for others but also have compassion for yourself and one of her examples was to take good care of your health. The workshops we attended were very fun and appropriate for the theme of the conference.  BWA member had their choice of attending two workshops from line dancing, making ID bracelets or Taiso. Rev. Fujita and the following members attended the conference:  June Aoki, Carol Cisneros, Hisako Dairokuno, Masako Hirai, Yasuyo Kikuchi, Kahori Kuramura, Fukiko Nishio, Akiko Onitsuka, Kumi Tashiro, Cynthia Tsukamoto, Kiyoko Uchida, Bonnie Yokota and Irene Yonemitsu. They all enjoyed the conference very much.    
3. Salinas hosts the Tri-Temple Hanamatsuri Service on Sunday, April 22, 2018.  Rev. Henry Adams of the San Mateo Buddhist Temple is our guest speaker.  Bishop Kodo Umezu and Mrs. Umezu will be our special guests.  Rev. Adams will also lead a lecture on Buddhism on Saturday afternoon, April 21st from 2-4 p.m.  We encourage all BWA members to attend this special lecture on Saturday and our Sunday Hanamatsuri service.  We are responsible for the hanamido and lunch. Toban 1 is in charge of the luncheon.  Carol Cisneros and Irene Yonemitsu are co-chairs of the luncheon.   
4. Salinas BWA will have an artifacts sale at the Asian Festival on Saturday, April 28th.  Also, the Salinas Kendo Dojo is having a ramen sale and members have been given tickets to sell. Cynthia Tsukamoto is chairperson of the Artifact sale.  If you want to donate to this sale, please bring your artifacts to the temple on Friday, April 13, 2018.  Kahori Kuramura is in charge of making daifuku manju.  We will be contacting BWA and BTS members to help make manju and/or to help with the artifact sale.   
5. This is a reminder to please pay your 2018 SBWA dues. The dues are $15.00 and payable to SBWA.  Please bring your check to June Aoki or mail your payment to the temple. Thank you.   
6. April SBWA meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 15, 2018 after the BTS Shotsuki service at 10:00 a.m.  
4月28日(土)午前11時から午後4時まで アジア祭りが開催されます。剣道クラブがラーメンセールをしますので婦人会は工芸品蚤の市を塚本シンシアさんがチェアーで行います。倉村かほりさんがチェアーで大福を金曜日に作って当日即売いたします。ご協力お願いいたします。