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Salinas BWA News for August 2019

For the month of July, we have been busy with the preparation for our annual Obon Festival. The following are a summary of the BWA events.

June 13- Coast District Buddhist Women’s League meeting was held in Mountain View with Carol Cisneros and Kahori Kuramura attending. The meeting topic was the Coast District role in the upcoming World Buddhist’s Convention in San Francisco at the end of August. Our members will be involved as greeters at the Banquet and helping with table decoration expenses and set up. We have 23 BWA members, spouses, Temple members and Rev. Fujita attending. Members will be contacted about transportation and room sharing at a later time.

June 30- Temple cleanup and Lumpia making. Thank you to chairpersons: Mitsuko Hagihara, Misako Kamimura and Kazue Kuramura and committee for all the lumpia prep work. Thank you to all the BWA an BTS members who came and made the lumpias for Obon. 

At Temple clean up the ladies were busy making Lumpias and only a few ladies were in the Hondo vacuuming. This year two BWA members brought their Roomba vacuum cleaners and vacuumed the Hondo. Using the Roomba vacuum cleaner did most of the work on the carpet, but the pews had to be done by regular vacuum cleaner. We will try it again at the next Temple clean up using three Roombas. Also, on this day a few BWA member attended the Monterey Obon Festival and participated in the Obon dance.

July 5- Our Temple Onaijin returned and the BWA and June Aoki provided refreshments for the Temple members and Wakabayashi group who helped unpack and put the Onaijin together. Thank you to the members who helped with making tea and serving refreshments.

July 13- We had our monthly meeting at 10:00 we had a good turnout of board members. The BWA President for the next 3 months will be Tamiko Oishi.

July 14- Kuri manju making started at 7:30 and ended by 4:00. This year we did not have as much participants helping but were finished by noon and several ladies stayed to bake, cool and pack them in the freezer.  Thank you to chair Fukiko Nishio and her committee for prepping the kuri manju making and thank you to all the BWA and BTS members who came and helped. 

July 18- Several BWA members helped make the An-pan. Thank you to chair Kay Morishita and her committee members for making anpan for Obon.

August 4- Temple Fumigation preparation: we are asking help from BWA members and Temple members to help bag food in the gym before the fumigation of the gym August 5-8. After the fumigation we will also need help in cleaning the kitchen and putting food items away.

For security purpose BWA noticed that Temple and gym door bells and gym clocks were not working well. Thank you to Carol Cisneros for researching the appropriate items online and ordering four door bells and two clocks (gym and kitchen).  Thank you to Davis Onitsuka and Mark Amiya for putting in the doorbells and hanging up the clocks.

Next BWA meeting will be on August 17 at 10:00. Members please attend as we will be discussing Obon results, upcoming temple events and the World Buddhist Women’s Convention in San Francisco.