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Salinas BWA News for May 2019

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the families (Mariko Yamashita, Setsuyo Yamashita, Mitsuko Hagihara) of Noriko Yamashita who passed away March 26. Noriko was a dedicated member of BWA for decades and will be greatly missed by all of us.

Thank you to Group 3 toban chair Lillian Kawahira and other Group 3 members for helping at the Hanamatsuri Luncheon on April 7. There was a lot of delicious salads and the toban group also made musubi. Thank you to Dharma School for cutting and serving Buddha’s birthday cake and ice cream.

We hosted the CDBWL meeting on Thursday April 11. Thank you to the following members who made delicious refreshments for the meeting. Chieko Eitoku, Kahori Kuramura, Yoshiko Kuramura, Fukiko Nishio, Helen Yamashita, Bonnie Yokota and Carol Cisneros. 

World Buddhist Women’s Conference is still accepting registrants until May 31.

Please note: only ATT carrier cell phones will work in the Marriott Marquis hotel in San Francisco. All others will have to step outside to make calls on their cell phones. 

On April 27, we helped with the Asian Festival. Bonnie Yokota chaired the Artifact sales and made the work schedule for the sales. Kahori Kuramura chaired the making of the daifuku manju on Friday April 26. Thank you to Bonnie Yokota, June Aoki, Carol Cisneros, Lillian Kawahira, Kahori Kuramura, Helen Yamashita, Cynthia Tsukamoto, Linda Miyazaki, Machiko Miyanaga who came earlier in the month to sort and price items for the Artifact sales. We will have a complete list of members who helped with the Artifact Sales and manju making in the next newsletter.

Our annual food sale is Sunday, June 2. Please check the work schedule in this newsletter for dates and times to come and help. We will need everyone’s help, BWA and BTS members to make our Food Sale successful. Deadline for tickets is May 5. Send in your money and unsold tickets to BTS, 14 Calif. St., 93901.

May 5 is the Gotan-e, shotsuki services and Temple picnic after the services. Group 4 toban will help with the picnic. Please come for the services and for the picnic.

May 25 – we will be bunching flowers for the Memorial Day service at Yamato Cemetery at 9:00am at the Temple. Tamiko Oishi will call members to come in to help make bouquets.

May 27:  Memorial Day services, 10:00 am at Garden of Memories and 11:00 am at Yamato Cemetery.

Our next BWA meeting will be Sat. May 18, 10:00am at the Temple. Please come and give us your input and support for future BWA and BTS events.