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Salinas BWA News for October 2018

Our heartfelt condolences to Masaye Tanimura’s family. Masaye was one of the pioneers BWA members who dedicated her time and money for the betterment of BWA. Even into her eighties, she would come and make whipped cream for the Obon strawberry shortcakes.

Unfortunately, no one stepped up to be the BWA President for October through December. Fortunately, Irene Yonemitsu, Bonnie Yokota and Kahori Kuramura agreed to extend their presidency for another month. October/Irene, November/Bonnie and December/Kahori. Thank you very much! 

At the Tri temple meeting on September 6, the 2019 service order for the 3 temples was discussed. January Ho-onko will be held in Watsonville, April Hanamatsuri in Monterey and September Ohigan in Salinas. We will no longer have the Saturday public lectures.

Several BWA members attended the September Ohigan service and lunch in Monterey. Guest speaker Rev. Sala Sekiya gave the Dharma talk in English and Japanese. Lunch was very good. For future Tri  temple services, we would like to see more BWA members attend. We always have car pools for those who are unable to drive to the other temples. 

Irene Yonemitsu, Cynthia Tsukamoto and Rev. Yugo Fujita attended the BCAFBWA Conference in Visalia on September 14-16. Reverend Bob Oshita, retired minister from Sacramento, was the English-speaking guest speaker. Reverend Ryuta Furumoto, from Senshin Buddhist Temple, was the Japanese speaking guest speaker. (Irene: the only thing I understood were his funny arm gestures). They also showed some short videos of doing good deeds and paying it forward.  Some of them were happy, some made you cry. The lesson was by doing good deeds, they were like endless ripples that spread out and that one good thing leads to another. The entertainment after dinner was The Blues Brothers and Elvis Presley… acts, not the real deal.

All BWA groups were asked to donate $300.00 from each temple to IBS for the Eshinni-ko/ Kakushinni-ko endowed chair. Salinas BWA donated $100.00 and BTS agreed to donate $100.00. We will be asking Dharma School/YBA to donate $100.00 (combined). Thank you very much.

On October 21, the annual Keirokai luncheon will be held. Groups 3 and 4 with chairs Lillian Kawahira and Yoshiko Shioya will help with the potluck luncheon. Please come and honor our senior members and also attend the Eitaikyo/October Shotsuki service.

Mihoko Dreyer had her first calligraphy class on Wed. September 5 from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm. Many of our temple members attended. If you are interested in attending, please come to her class, the first Wednesday of the month from 1:30 pm- 3:00 pm at the temple.

Rev. Orai Fujikawa will be the guest speaker for the BWA Memorial service on Sunday, November 11. Both Sensei and okusan will be coming from Vancouver for a visit. Since many members would like to visit with them, there will be a potluck luncheon on Saturday, November 10 from 12:00 pm. If you are able, please bring a dish to share and come visit with Sensei and Minako. They would love to visit with all of you.

Our next BWA meeting will be Saturday October 13 at 10:00 am.









すべての婦人会はIBS (国際仏教学院)より恵信尼公覚信尼公特別職への300ドルの寄付を要請された。サリナス仏教婦人会は100ドル寄付しましたので仏教会も100ドル寄付することになった。あと100ドルを日曜学校と青年会で負担してもらえるかお願いします。