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Salinas BWA News for December 2017

Oct. 14 & 15- FBWA Delegates meeting in Fresno. 
Tamiko Oishi, Irene Yonemitsu and Rev. Fujita attended the meeting. Highlight of the meeting was the discussion of the 16th World BWA Conference to be held in San Francisco in 2019, hosted Bay Area.   
Oct. 15- Annual Keirokai.
For the Keirokai event Toban group 1, chaired by Kahori Kuramura and Irene Yonemitsu and Toban group 2, chaired by June Aoki and Kazue Kuramura did a great job in making the Keirokai successful. The following ladies helped make the Kohaku daifuku manjus on Saturday; Kahori Kuramura, Carol Cisneros, Helen Yamashita, Kay Morishita, Sachi Yokota, Noriko Yamaguchi, Fukiko Nishio, Atsuko Yamaguchi, Fumiko Yonemitsu and board member Tsugu Kuramura. Thank you to the following members who donated the sekihan for the keiro members; Mitsuko Hagihara, Kazue Kuramura, Yoriko Kuramura and Noriko Yamaguchi. Also thank you to Kumi Tashiro and daughter Julia Nichols for making the corsages and boutonnieres and table arrangements.   
Oct. 29, Coast District Nembutsu Family Conference.
Toban 4, chaired by Lillian Kawahira and Tomi Matsuno took care of the desserts, children’s lunch, and distributed bentos. Toban 3, chaired by Yoriko Kuramura and Noriko Yamaguchi with help from Irene Yonemitsu, (in charge of breakfast) prepared and served the continental breakfast. The following BWA members made desserts for the lunch; June Aioli Carol Cisneros, Mitsuko Hagihara, Masako Hirai, Misako Kamimura, Lillian Kawahira, Kazue Kuramura, Tomi Matsuno, Fukiko Nishio, Tamiko Oishi, Yoshiko Shioya, Cynthia Tsukamoto, Noriko Yamaguchi, Helen Yamashita, Setsuyo Yamashita, Bonnie Yokota, Fumiko Yonemitsu, Irene Yonemitsu. Carol Cisneros was in charge of decoration, Bonnie Yokota was in charge of bentos and Cynthia Tsukamoto, Judy Ishizue, Fran Schwann, and Bonnie Yokota helped with the registration. Jan Tokiwa planned and presented the Emoji masking making workshop. Thank you BWA members for helping to make the CDNFC a great success.   
Nov. 12, Annual BWA Memorial Service.
The guest speaker was Rev. Dr. Shoyo Taniguchi. She gave a lengthy dharma message which was well received by those who attended. Thank you to Cynthia Tsukamoto for doing a great job as chairperson. Following the service, a luncheon attended by 13 BWA members and Mari Shido was held at the Country Club hosted by Mel Aoki. Everyone who attended had an enjoyable lunch.   
Dec.10, Annual Mochitsuki Fundraiser.
Carol Cisneros will be contacting BWA and Temple member to help with the event. Rice washing and prep work will begin on Saturday the 9th at 9:00am.
On the 10th everyone is needed at 7:00am.   
Dec. 15, Annual Onaijin Omigaki.
Members who has time are encouraged to help with the Onaijin cleaning at 1:00pm. Kahori will call members to help.   
2018 SBWA Board of Directors/Cabinet Ballots.
21 out of 24 ballots were returned. Thank you to Cynthia Tsukamoto for counting and tallying the results of the voting. Cabinets and officers will be determined in the December meeting on Dec. 16, meeting at 10:00 am. Members who have been selected will be contacted by Tamiko Oishi to attend the meeting.    
Dec. 17, Temple Cleanup.
BWA members are encouraged to help with the total temple clean up at 8:00 am. Please bring old rages if you have them.   
Dec. 31, End of the year Service at 7:00 pm.
Please come and help ring the bell 108 times. Light refreshments will be served.