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Salinas BWA News for October 2017

Rev. Fujita's parents and sister came to visit him in early September. Since so many members wanted to meet them and take them to dinner, Temple had a potluck dinner on Sept. 5 to meet and greet them. His family was so grateful for members taking sensei under their wings and helping him adjust to his first ministerial position in the US. We are very appreciative to Sensei's mother and father for raising such a dedicated, thoughtful young man. Thank you to BWA members who helped with the preparations and for all the members who brought food to share at the potluck. 

On Sept. 10, Sensei had an open house at the new Temple parsonage. Thank you to Carol Cisneros and Tamiko Oishi for helping sensei prepare for the open house. Many members came and brought refreshments to share. Everyone loved the new house and stayed to visit with other members. A special thank you to Alesia Uchida, Davis Onitsuka and Robert Gatanaga for spending countless hours buying furniture for the new parsonage, painting, refinishing floors, redoing the kitchen floor and range and many other things to make the house ready for Sensei to live in. 

Temple Tri-tip fundraiser was on Sun. Sept. 24. Irene Yonemitsu was the bake sale chair, and Carol Cisneros did some of the purchasing for the event. We will have an additional report in the next newsletter. 

Oct. 15 is the Eitaikyo and Shotsuki services and our annual Keirokai luncheon. Group tobans: Group 1 (chairs: Kahori Kuramura and Irene Yonemitsu), Group 2 (chairs: Kazue Kuramura and June Aoki).  

This year, we will not have an Udon lunch in November. Dharma School/YBA will hold a pancake breakfast on Nov. 5. 

Temple is hosting the CD Nembutsu Family Conference on Oct. 29. Toban 3 and Toban 4 will help prepare the continental breakfast and help with lunch and desserts. Please remember to attend the conference and send in your registration forms and fees before the deadline. Start is 9AM with registration.     







仏教会のトライテイップバーべキュー・セールに米満アイリーンさんがベークセール、 シスネロス・キャロルさんが買い物の1部をお手伝いいたしました。仔細は来月お知らせいたします。ご協力ありがとうございました。