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Lady Takeko Kujo Memorial (Kisaragiki) & June Shotsuki Service (sponsored by Salinas Buddhist Women's Association)

June 17, 2012, 10 AM

Guest speaker Rev. Zuikei Taniguchi of Alameda Buddhist Temple

Lady Takeko Kujo, 九条武子夫人, (1887-1928) was the founder of the Buddhist Women’s Association. Lady Kujo was the daughter of Myonyo Koshon Ohtani (1850-1903), who was the 21st Monshu. (The Monshu is the Spiritual Leader and Head of Hongwanji, and is a direct descendent of Shinran Shonin.) Lady Kujo is best known for her humanitarian activities, particularly after the great Tokyo earthquake of 1923. She was instrumental in the construction of the Asoka Hospital in its aftermath. Through the establishment of the Buddhist Women’s Association, she sought to redefine the role of women in temple life. She also wrote numerous poems and gathas that expressed her deep appreciation of the Nembutsu teaching.

The June monthly memorial service is a service honoring family and friends who passed away in the month of June.