March News

Salinas Buddhist Women’s Association News

March 2015

         On  February 12  the CDBWL Conference was held at the San Jose Betsuin.  Rev. and Mrs.

Fujikawa and 22 Salinas members attended the conference. We were fortunate to have Rev. Tomoyasu Naito, Kangaku (highest academic rank within the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha) and Professor Emeritus of Ryukoku University in Kyoto as the guest speaker in Japanese.  He gave a very good Dharma talk about basic Buddhism and life of Shinran Shonin to the Japanese speaking group.

         Dr. Paula Arai, Professor at Louisiana State University and visiting professor at IBS,  spoke to the

English speaking members about how everyday rituals help with healing in Japanese Buddhist women. She spent many years in Japan interviewing 12 Buddhist women. It was a moving Dharma talk that touched the hearts of every member in the audience

                  SBWA group social activity: Many of our senior members are finding it more difficult to come to our functions due to health issues and not being able to drive anymore. We would like to consider a day (weekday or Sunday) where members would come for lunch and a short activity: bingo, line dancing, tai chi, discussion with sensei or just for socialization etc.

                  Please discuss with friends and members to find out who would like to come for lunch and activity, who can help cook or who can help chauffeur members who need a ride. Please consider a week day or Sunday and how often: once a month, once every 2 months etc.

                  We will have further discussions at our March meeting.  We need everyone's help and cooperation in order to make this happen. Please come to the meeting to share your ideas or if you cannot attend, give your suggestions to one of the SBWA board members. We will  keep you updated on our progress for the SBWA group social activity.








January White Path message

Salinas Buddhist Women’s Association News January 2015

      Happy New Year to everyone! Last year was a very busy year celebrating the Temple's 90th Anniversary service and luncheon. Thank you to all the members who helped with the many Temple and BWA activities. We look forward to another year of working together to keep our Temple and BWA strong and successful.

      This year we have 4 ladies who volunteered to be co-Presidents:  Irene Yonemitsu (Jan-Mar), Kiyoko Uchida (Apr-June), June Aoki (July-Sept), Tamiko Oishi  (Oct-Dec).  Salinas BWA will be the Cabinet for the 2015 Coast District BWL headed by President Bonnie Yokota. Thank you ladies! Please come and support these members who will be the 2015 Salinas BWA and 2015 CDBWL leaders.

      Our annual Mochitsuki was held of December 14 co-chaired by Carol Cisneros, Davis Onitsuka and Mariko Yamashita. Thank you to the many BWA members who came and made mochi, packaged them and filled the orders for Monterey and Salinas. We would not have Mochitsuki without the support of BWA.

      On Friday, Dec. 19 many members came and helped with the Onaijin omigaki. Thank you to:  June Aoki, Sachi Kawahira, Mieko Keating, Kahori Kuramura, Fumiko Onitsuka, Kiyoko Uchida, Kazuko Yonemitsu as well as Temple members: Mitsuko Gatanaga, Toshio Gatanaga, Larry Hirahara, Machiko Miyanaga and Rev. Fujikawa who made the Onaijin clean and bright for the New Year.

      Thank you to the BWA members who came and helped with Temple clean-up. It is nice to start the new year with a clean Temple.

      It has been about 3 years since I-Help has been discontinued but there is still money for the program.  We have been looking for a similar program to donate money to. Salinas Warming Shelter is a seasonal shelter for women, children and men located in Salinas (across from the Police Dept). The shelter runs from November to March and provides dinner and overnight stays to its clients. With the approvals from the BTS Board and BWA Board, $500.00 will be donated to the Salinas Warming Shelter.

      Group 2 toban will be helping with the Jan. 11 New Year luncheon. Please come at 9:00am to start the preparations for lunch.

      Our CDBWL conference will be on  Feb. 12, 2015 at the San Jose Betsuin Church. This is open to BWA members and to anyone who wishes to come. The information is on the English and Japanese flyers. Please contact Carol if you wish to attend.

      White Path editor Gary Ikeda has asked BWA members to share their favorite recipes to be printed each month in the White Path. Please submit the recipes to Tamiko Oishi before  the newsletter deadline. Tamiko and Kahori Kuramura will make sure recipe is in Japanese and English for publication.











December White Path message

Salinas Buddhist Women’ Association News

December 2014

1.     Nov. 2 annual BWA memorial service. Guest speaker Rev. Michael Endo gave a very interesting Dharma talk on his experiences as a young Dharma student attending Dharma school.  After the service about 29 BWA members Rev. Endo and Rev. Fujikawa and Mrs. Fujikawa had lunch at the country club. Thank you to June Aoki for making the country club reservation.

 2.     Thank you to Toban  1  Chairperson Kimi Yoshimura and Toban 2 Chairperson June Aoki and all the ladies in the tobans for a great job in making the Temple Udon fundraiser a great success. Thank you to Toban 3 and Toban 4 members and chair Tamiko Oishi  for making the daifuku manjus. A well-deserved thank you to Carol Cisneros for chairing the Udon fundraiser for the second year.

 3.     Many BWA members will be helping with the BTS Mochitsuki on Dec. 14. Carol Cisneros and Mariko Yamashita are co-chairs for the event along with BTS male co-chair. Please remember to get your orders in by December 7.

 4.     We will be electing the 2015 SBWA Cabinet at our December meeting. Salinas BWA will serve as the 2015 CDBWL cabinet. We will also be electing the 2015 CDBWL cabinet at our December meeting so they can be installed at the CDBWL Conference on Feb. 15 at San Jose Betsuin.

 5.     Dec. 19 Friday at 1:00 onaijin omigaki . Any BWA member who has time,  please come and  bring rags and help make the Onaijin clean and bright for the New Year.

 6.     Dec. 21, Sunday at 8:00 Temple clean up.  There will be a sign-in list for the Temple ladies.

 7.     We would like to welcome new member Cynthia Tsukamoto to our BWA. She and her husband Gene moved from Clovis to Salinas where their daughter Cara and grandson Gavin live.

 8.     White Path editor Gary Ikeda has asked BWA members to share their favorite recipes to be printed each month in the White Path. Please submit the recipes to Tamiko Oishi before  the newsletter deadline. Tamiko and Kahori Kuramura will make sure recipe is in Japanese and English for publication.


1. 11月2日(日)は婦人会先亡者、恵信尼、覚信尼公顕彰追悼法要が婦人会主催で厳修されました。特別講師は遠藤マイケル先生でした。遠藤先生自身の日曜学校での経験について興味深いお話をされました。法要の後、遠藤先生と不二川先生御夫妻とともに総勢29名で食事会をしました。お供えなどお名前は英語の欄をご参照ください。

2. 仏教会うどん昼食ではお手伝いはお茶当番グループ1、チェアーは吉村キミさんとグループ2、チェアーは米満和子さんでした。大福餅は大石民子さんがチェアーでグループ3と4の中からお手伝いをしていただきました。総合チェアーはシスネロス・キャロルさんでした。キッチンは大変でしたが無事に終わることができました。皆さんご協力ありがとうございました。

3. 12月14日は仏教会餅つきです。シスネロス・キャロルさんと山下鞠子さんがチェアーをされます。たくさんのお手伝いが要りますのでどうかご協力ください。注文は12月7日までにご注文下さい。

4. 2015年はサリナスが沿岸教区婦人会連盟の役員になります。12月の婦人会理事会で決めまて2月12日にサンノゼ別院で就任します。ご協力お願いいたします。

5. 12月19日(金)午後1時よりお内陣のお磨きをしますのでお手伝いください。よろしくお願いいたします。

6. 12月21日(日)午前8時より仏教会大掃除です。分担表を作りますので持ち場を決めてサインをしてください。ぜひご協力ください。

7. 塚本シンシアさんが婦人会に入会されました。シンシアさんとご主人は娘さんとお孫さんの世話のためクロービスより移ってこられました。

⒏ ニュースレターを編集してくださっている池田ゲリーさんより毎月1つ料理のレシピーを載せたいといわれています。日本語でも英語でもいいですので大石民子さんまでお送り下さい。日英両語で載せる予定です。



November 2014 White Path Message from BWA

Salinas Buddhist Women’s Association November 2014 Newsletter message

Sept. 29th, Temple Tri-tip BBQ  fundraiser: The following BWA members helped make the fundraiser a success:  Carol Cisneros, Lillian Kawahira, Irene Yonemitsu, Kahori Kuramura, Kay Morishita, Tamiko Oishi, Bonnie Yokota and Helen Yamashita. Thank you to all the BWA ladies who took time to bake special pastries and gave monetary donations.

October 10-12: The following BWA members attended the FBWA Conference in Irvine Ca., June Aoki, Linda Iwamoto (representing Salinas BWA at the delegates meeting on Friday), Sachi Kawahira, Meiko Keating , Yasuyo Kikuchi and Kiyoko Uchida. BWA paid for the members registrations along with Rev. and Mrs. Fujikawa.

October 17, Irene Yonemitsu, Kahori Kuramura and Rev. Fujikawa attended the CD BWL
meeting in Watsonville. Salinas BWA will be the 2015 CDBWL Cabinet.  We will need to fill the Cabinet positions by January 2015. We will host the CDBWL Conference in 2016. CDBWL Conference is tentatively set for Thursday Feb. 12, 2015 in San Jose.

Saturday Oct. 18, the following BWA members helped make the daifuku for Keirokai and for the osonae: June Aoki, Carol Cisneros, Irene Yonemitsu, Helen Yamashita, Makiko Kurano,Kiyoko Uchida, Fukiko Nishio and Tomiko Kamimura. Also the following members helped make the table arrangements and corsages and boutonnieres,  Kumi Tashiro and Tamiko Oishi.  Thank you to Kahori Kuramura and Fumiko Yonemitsu for cleaning the gym bathrooms.

Keirokai: Sunday, Oct. 19:  BWA Toban groups 3 & 4, chairs Fumiko Yonemitsu and Yoshiko Shioya and the toban members helped with the potluck luncheon for the Seniors. Thank you chairs and toban ladies and other helpers for making the 2014 Keirokai a success.

A special  thank you goes out to Mrs. Fujikawa for spear heading the ”neko” craft fundraiser project. Among the ladies who sewed the nekos were the following BWA  members:  Makiko Kurano, Kayoko Kyutoku, Fukiko Nishio, Kiyoko Uchida,  Fumiko Yonemitsu.  All the supplies used make the nekos were donated by the ladies. The nekos were gifted to the Seniors at the luncheon. 

Nov. 2 is the annual BWA Memorial Service 
Nov. 9  Temple Udon Fundraisers. Tea Tobans 1 and 2 will work the kitchen.
Chairs are Kimi Yoshimura (gr. 1) and June Aoki (gr 2)
BWA members please come and support these activities.

Respectfully submitted
Tamiko Oishi









BWA Food Sale, Sunday June 2, 2013

The Salinas Buddhist Womens Association is holding their annual Food Sale this Sunday, June 2, 2013. Pick up time is from 10 AM to 1 PM.