BWA News for June 2016

The BWA gratefully acknowledges the following donations: Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Minamide (Sheri Ikeda) for their generous donation of $100 in memory of her mother Joyce Ikeda and Grandmother Satsu Ikeda. Shido Family for their generous donation of $2500 in memory of father Atsushi Shido.

Since we were unable to get any volunteers to be the June BWA President, June Aoki kindly agreed to be the BWA President for the months of May and June.

On April 30, 2016, the Temple sponsored its first Ramen sale.  Thank you to Toban Groups 1 & 4 with Masako Hirai as chair.  The names of all the members who helped will be in the Ramen article.  The Ramen article in Japanese will be published in the July newsletter.

On May 15, the Temple picnic following the Gotan-e Service was enjoyed by everyone.  BWA Toban was Group 1 with Carol Cisneros as chair. About 100 members attended the steak lunch. Thank yous to: Herb Wong and crew for barbequing the steaks and wieners, Larry Tokiwa for the delicious chili beans, Davis Onitsuka picnic chair, Toban 1 members and to Dharma School teachers  and students for the fun filled bingo games and prizes.

June 5 will be our annual BWA Food Sale.  A work schedule is included so please everyone come out to help at the designated times and support this fund raiser.  Also we are asking members to donate pastry or monetary donation for the pastry sale.  We need the support of all our members.

On June 12 we will be sponsoring the BWA Lady Kujo Memorial Service.  The proceeds from this service go the youth of our temple (Dharma School and YBA).  Rev. Z. Taniguchi will be guest speaker and we will be having lunch with him after the service at Cathay House.  We hope many of you will attend this luncheon.

At the last BWA Board Meeting, it was decided to make a donation to Rev. Hanayama & Family on their departure to Japan.  We are waiting to determine the best way to do this.

This year’s Obon is quickly approaching.  We have scheduled June 26 at 9:00am for Lumpia making and July 17 at 9:00am for Kuri Manju making.  We hope everyone will come out to help with these preparations.

We have set a date of November 13, 2016 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BWA.  Plans are in process and more information will be forthcoming.

For those who have not yet paid their $10 dues for this year, please send or give to June Aoki or send to the temple. 

Dates to Remember:

June 5th          BWA Food Sale

June 7th          Obon Committee Meeting

June 12th        BWA Lady Kujo Memorial Service

June 26th        Lumpia Making

July 10th          Obon Services

June 17th        Kuri Manju Making


感謝録 南出ジェフ・シェリ $100 志戸ファミリー $2500







お盆祭りのルンピア作り 6月26日(日)午前9時、栗饅頭作りは7月17日(日)午前9時より始めます。





BWA News May White Path

Salinas Buddhist Women’s Association Update

We would like to express our condolences to the Atsushi Shido Family on the loss of their father. His wife Ruri Shido was a very active member of the BWA before her passing.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Masaye Tanimura and her family on the loss of her husband George.  He was a very active member of our Temple for many years, handing down his expertise and wisdom to our younger members. He will be greatly missed by the community and our members.

We would like to thank the Ruth Ikeda family for their generous donation in memory of their mother. Also thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Tom Dairokuno for their generous donation of $200 for son Richard’s one year memorial.

We are still in need of a president for the month of June.  June Aoki has agreed to take the position for the month of May.  We would appreciate someone stepping up to take the presidency in June.

We need younger ones to start learning to lead the BWA.  Many of us are aging out and would like to mentor the younger members to carry on the legacy of the BWA.

At the April meeting it was voted to pay for the new video camera for the Temple.  We also decided to pay half of the cost of the new stove for the sensei’s house.  Mrs. Fujikawa is very pleased with the new stove.

Thank you to the following ladies who came out to decorate the Hanamido:  Masako Hirai, Kahori Kuramura, Tamiko Oishi, Kiyoko Uchida, Noriko Uchida, Henry Uchida and daughter Miya.  Rev. Fujikawa supervised.

Thank you to Misako Kamimura and Fumiko Yonemitsu and group 3 for being toban for the Hanamatsuri luncheon.  Everything went well and there was plenty of food.

On April 30, the Temple ramen sale was held.  Toban was group 4 with Masako Hirai as chair.  Other members including Temple members were asked to help with making onigiris, daifuku manju and California roll. 

May 15, 2016 will be the Temple Picnic following the Gotane service.  Group 1 will be toban with Bonnie Yokota as chair.

May 27, 2016 is scheduled for preparation of flowers for Yamato Cemetery.  Tamiko Oishi is in charge and will be asking for flowers and for help from members.

For those who have not yet paid their $10 dues for this year, please send or give to June Aoki or send to the temple. 

Dates to Remember:

May 15th         Gotane Service and Temple picnic

May 27th         Assembling flowers for Yamato Cemetery

May 30th         Memorial Day Services   10 a.m.  Garden of Memories     11 a.m. Yamato Cemetery

June 5th          BWA Food Sale




















6月 5日(日)婦人会フードセール


BWA News for April 2016

We hosted the 56th CDBWL Conference on Saturday, March 12. We wish to thank everyone who helped make this a success: from guest speakers to workshop leaders to all the BWA members and especially to the BTS men and members who helped with all the heavy lifting. We will have a full report with photos in the May White Path newsletter.

As you may have noticed, we were in need of a president to serve the second quarter (April, May, June).  Kahori Kuramura will continue to be President for April and June Aoki will serve as May President. There is still one more month that needs a President: the month of June. We need new people to start learning to be the leaders of Salinas BWA. Soon, many of us will age out as leaders and we would like to turn over the leadership to the next younger group.

The Temple is in need of a new video camera to replace the old one. BWA voted to help pay for the camera when Herb Wong finds the right one for BTS.

Please come and help with the Hanamido making on Saturday, April 9 at 10:00am. There is also an Affirmation service on Saturday from 3:00pm.  The temple Hanamatsuri service, Shotsuki and luncheon is on Sunday, April 10. Bishop Kodo Umezu will be the guest speaker.  Group 3 Toban will help with the luncheon. Fumiko Yonemitsu and Misako Kamimura have been asked to be chairs. It will be a  potluck luncheon (salads, rice), Temple will provide tri-tip and dessert. There will be hotdogs for the children.

The annual Asian Festival is scheduled for Sat. April 30.  On that day, we will hold our first Temple Ramen Sale. We hope to make this a yearly fund raiser for the Temple. Tickets have already been sent to Temple members. Tickets are $12.00 for Tonkatsu Chashu Ramen (with chashu, egg, moyashi, gr. onion, corn, bok choy, bamboo shoot, spinach and mushroom in a rich broth). Please try to sell all of your 8 tickets. We want to make this a successful Ramen Sale.  You can call Carol for more tickets.

We will also have Musubis,  California rolls and Daifuku manju for sale. Group 4 Toban with Masako Hirai will help with the Ramen sale. We will be asking for additional help for making California rolls and Daifuku manjus.


April 9    Hanamido making @ 10am

April 10  Hanamatsuri, Shotsuki, pot luck lunch

April  15  Deadline for Ramen Sale headcount to Carol

April 30   BTS Ramen Sale and Asian Festival









4月9日(土)午前10時 花御堂作り






Salinas BWA 2016 Board of Directors and Cabinet



President:  Jan - Mar Kahori Kuramura

President:  April - June vacant - need to be filled

President:  July - Sept Irene Yonemitsu

President:  Oct - Dec Bonnie Yokota                                                         

Treasurer June Aoki

Recording Secty – Eng Carol Cisneros

Recording Secty – Japn Kahori Kuramura

Corresponding Secty – Eng Yoshiko Shioya

Corresponding Secty – Japn Fumiko Yonemitsu

Auditors Cynthia Tsukamoto                                                

Religious Chair Kahori Kuramura                            

Historian Bonnie Yokota

SBWA Food Sale Chair Kiyoko Uchida/ Carol Cisneros/ June Aoki

SBWA Obon Chair Irene Yonemitsu will attend meetings

Board Members: Mitsuko Hagihara, Masako Hirai, Tomiko Kamimura, Lillian Kawahira, Kazue Kuramura, Yoriko Kuramura, Kayoko Kyutoku, Fukiko Nishio, Tamiko Oishi, Noriko Uchida, Kazuko Yonemitsu             

Advisors Rev.and Mrs. Fujikawa, Sachi Kawahira, Mieko Keating, Yoshiko Kuramura, Fumiko Onitsuka, Fumi Urabe


Salinas BWA News for January 2016

Dear BWA Members and BTS Members 

                  Happy New Year! May your New Year be filled with a happiness and warmth and may you share this feeling with those around you.

            I am a first time BWA president so please bear with me. I will be needing a lot of help and support from all you members and look forward to working with all of you.  We will be hosting the CDBWL Conference on March 12, 2016. The conference committee members have been busy with monthly planning meetings since last summer. We will be needing all the BWA members' help with the conference, from arranging the continental breakfast, lunch, desserts to chairing services and workshops. Please save the date, March 12, 2016.

            Reverend Orai Fujikawa and Mrs. Minako Fujikawa will be returning to Vancouver in the Fall. Thank you Sensei and Okusama for all your hard work and dedication to our temple and to all our members.  We look forward to these few more months before Sensei and Okusama have to leave but also look forward to the future with a new resident minister.

            I will be sharing the presidency  with Irene Yonemitsu (July - September) and Bonnie Yokota (October - December). As you can see, we still are looking for a president to serve April - June. Please let me know if there is anyone who can help us and serve as President April, May and June. All of us BWA presidents will be relying on your help to make this a good year for Salinas BWA.

In Gassho,

Kahori Kuramura

BWA President January - March








                                                                                                                                                合             掌



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