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Salinas BWA News for February 2017

     We thank Group 3 toban and chairs Lillian Kawahira and Misako Kamimura for helping with the Temple New Year party on Sunday, January 15. We had a very nice Dharma talk from our guest speaker, Rev. Kuwahara and many members cooked a delicious dish to share with everyone at our luncheon potluck. We also installed our 2017 SBWA Cabinet and Board.

     We also gave orei to our Dharma School teachers and treasurer: Faye Amiya, Frances Gatanaga, Laura Wakayama Lee and Cara Tsukamoto. Thank you for your dedication to teach the Dharma to all of the young students. We appreciate your sacrifices and commitment to teach Dharma School every week.

     On March 2, Salinas BWA will be making food and snacks for the hospitality room at the

National Council Meeting in San Jose. Many members will be making desserts, musubi and other foods for the event. Our chairs will be calling members for their help within the next few weeks.

     Our annual CDBWL conference will be held at the Monterey Peninsula BT on Saturday, March 11 from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Registration is $40.00 (SBWA will pay the registration fee for

any SBWA who wants to attend.) We will also be carpooling to the conference so members who will need a ride should call Kahori and we will arrange rides. See conference flyer and schedule in this month's newsletter. Deadline for registration: Friday Feb. 10.

     We have a few new members to SBWA:  Judy Ishizue and Mariko Yamashita. Welcome! And thank you for joining our BWA family.

     Our 2017 SBWA Toban list will be a little late this year and will be mailed out. Usually we

give them out at our New Year's party but we wanted to make sure we had time to add the new members and potential new members.

     Please note:  SBWA dues are now $15.00 a year. It had been $10.00 for the last 15-20 years and felt the need to raise the dues a bit.