Orai Sensei’s Message January 2016

Soon the year 2015 will be closing and on Dec 31 we get together for New Year’s Eve service and striking the bell so-called Joya no Kane. I would like to ask you a question; For whom does this bell ring?

Welcoming the New Year 2016 soon, I wish you all very HAPPY AND PEACEFUL one throughout the year. And I would like to ask your continuous support, so that I can successfully complete my obligations before saying good-by possibly some time in summer.

I know I am going to miss many things here in Salinas as we have been here full four years now; sunshine, blue sky, cool wind in the afternoon, weekly golf outing, plenty of fruits and vegetables, flowers, high fives and smiles of DS children, bell tower, Hondo, and gym as well as warm and generous hearts of the members and friends.

All I want now is to see someone step up to ring the bell which is the symbolic treasure of this temple; new resident minister, new president, new members, deepening the Nembutsu teaching by the present members, so that this temple will be existing as a center of spiritual peace for a long time in the future.

You can ring the bell and also listen to the sound, the true wish of your loved ones as well as Amida Buddha.

Na-man-da-bu, Orai Fujikawa




除夜の鐘を撞き、その音をよく聞き、衆生の願いを、また親様の願いを頂きましょう。 合掌。釈 往来


新築で ないと五輪は ダメですか/チョンマゲの 頃と変らぬ 袖の下/ロボットが 読経している ヘンな夢/法名は 立派だなあ と阿弥陀様/ にこやかに 別れたけれど 誰だっけ/歌合戦 歌をきかせて 下さいな


Orai Sensei’s Message December 2015

Second paragraph of Shoshinge;



Bodhisattva Dharmakara, in his causal stage,

Under the guidance of Lokesvararaja Buddha, 

Searched into the origins of the Buddhas’ pure lands,

And the qualities of those lands and their men and devas;

Once upon a time Bodhisattva by the name of Dharmakara met and got very much inspired by Lokesvararaja Buddha who showed him all kinds of Buddha lands and their qualities. Important message you can learn from this passage is Dharmakara is YOURSELF. In the course of human life you meet many people or things and among them something inspires or motivates you to do what you really want to do or contribute for the society.

In the case of Dharmakara, he had one thing in his mind, that is, how to get rid of pains and sufferings in this world. Therefore there was a great encounter between Dharmakara and Lokesvararaja which eventually comes about the Primal Vow of Amida Buddha.

Welcoming December, the last month of the year, I hope you are all well and preparing for the festive season with your family, relatives and friends. As my son and his family plan to come to Vancouver in the yearend, we look forward to having a rare family reunion. Big problem in our family is far away to each other; Toronto, Vancouver, Canada and Salinas.CA. However, I know we cannot live together in this modern age and it is good to have communication constantly through technology. And occasional reunion is very meaningful and exciting.

Wishing you all to have a wonderful time of reunion in this coming festive season and have a Happy New Year.  In Gassho, Orai Fujikawa

法蔵菩薩因位時 在世自在王仏処 覩見諸仏浄土因 国土人天之善悪






どうやって 禁煙するか 一服し/ 年老いて モトが取れない 食べ放題/ 愛犬の 同情した目に いやされる/ 「あなた来てー」 唯一の出番 虫退治/ 出張を 伝えてよろこぶ 妻こども/ これもダメ あれもダメダメ 高血圧


Orai Sensei’s Message November 2014

Time is really flying. 2014 calendar is getting thin as we welcome November and soon we have to prepare for the end of the year.

October 11-12 weekend, eight of us had an opportunity to attend 43rd FBWA Conference in Irvine CA. As it was a little far for me to drive, six of us decided to use Amtrak for the first time. It took nine hours from Salinas to L.A., but comfortable and relaxing. Kenzo Yonemitsu kindly picked us up and drove us to the hotel in Irvine late night.

Over 600 delegates participated and enjoyed six speakers both in Japanese and English, as well as meeting new and old friends which is very good part of the conference. For example, I met a lady who was a classmate with my cousin in Hiroshima and my wife met Mrs. Kyutoku’s sister. I also met many retired ministers including Okada Sensei who used to serve for many years in Canada.

At one of the lectures we learned the four periods in human life in India, which is commonly considered to be an ideal model: Learning Period, Family Period, Seeking Period, and Period of Tranquility. First period is learning the basics in school; Second is working/marriage and nurturing family in the society; Third is the time of seeking spiritual path and Fourth is the peaceful living of retirement.

Although this doesn’t fit for everyone, I believe there is something for us to think about as this idea has been handed down for thousands of years. Which period are you in now?

In Gassho, Na-man-da-bu, Orai Fujikawa 


帰命無量寿如来 きみょうむりょうじゅにょらい 南無不可思議光 なもふかしぎこう で始まるこのお経は報恩講をはじめ多くの法要で読まれるお経です。これは親鸞様が南無阿弥陀仏の意味をくだいて翻訳されたものです。もともとナモアミダブツはインドの言葉で釈尊の話し言葉です。仏法がインドから中国へ紹介されて、中国の仏教僧が翻訳を試みましたが、結局はその音に近い漢字を使いました。それは丁度アメリカを亜米利加と書くようなものですね。



これこそ感謝のナンマンダブツであります。合掌。釈 往来


母の日に みんな集まり 母多忙/ 皮下脂肪 資源に出来れば ノーベル賞/ 沸きました 妻よりやさしい 風呂の声/ 増えてゆく 暗証番号 減る記憶/ ああ定年 これから妻が わが上司/ 充電器 あったらいいな 人間用


Orai Sensei’s October 2015 Message

For the October message I would like to share Fall Higan message for those who couldn’t attend the September service.

Welcoming the Fall Season and the beginning the new school year, I am sure young people in elementary, middle, high school and college are very much excited in meeting new friends and teachers.

Human life is often compared to a journey with a series of encounters with people and other things. The first people you meet are father and mother, then brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts with cousins. You meet neighbors and friends. As you go to school, you meet classmates and teachers.

When you start working, you meet your boss and co-workers. Then through marriage, you meet your spouse and their family and extended relatives and your life network is enlarged. Most likely your life is enriched by those encounters. Coming to the temple, you meet Shakyamuni Buddha, Shinran Shonin, Rennyo Shonin and other Nembutsu followers. Through books, you are able to meet historical people such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and so on. You are also able to meet fictional heroes such as Superman, Spiderman, and Ninja Turtle.

And then here is the most important person you must encounter: YOURSELF. According to the Buddha, Awakened One, you must know yourself. You must discover your true self.

How do you come to know yourself? Just as you can see yourself in the mirror, you can discover yourself when you study Buddha Dharma and meet Amida Buddha.

Let us continue to learn from Buddha Dharma.

Gassho, Namandabu,
Orai Fujikawa 







火と水の その中道を往けよ人 来たれと呼ばん 声を力に


Illustration by Rev. Orai Fujikawa


Orai Sensei’s Message September 2015

Welcoming the month of September which starts new school season, we begin our Dharma School for the young families.

In August we had BCA Ministers’ Association Summer Seminar in San Jose with Rev. Haruaki Shirakawa as a lecturer kindly dispatched from Hongwanji, Kyoto. In his lecture he mentioned something very true and unique when it comes to the Buddha Dharma.

In the ordinary educational institutions you get certificate to guarantee your advanced knowledge and skill when you graduate from your institution. However, the more you learn and study Buddha Dharma, the more foolish you realize yourself. In another words you come to know that you are an ordinary and simple human being like anyone else.

Therefore you realize the fact that you are allowed to live here in relation with others; so- called Interdependent Origination. Also you realize the fact you are very fortunate to continue to live now despite the truth that everything is constantly changing; Truth of Impermanence.

As for the essence of Jodo Shinshu, I have no hesitation to tell you that it is Namo Amida Butsu/Shinjin, AWARENESS of SONOMAMA; “It is going to be alright as you are.”

In the course of life there are so many ups and downs and you may stop and think from time to time. And you are afraid of many unknown factors such as property, money, family, health as well as yourself. But thanks to the tradition handed down by our forefathers, you come to understand that you are already in the embrace of Amida Buddha regardless of time and place. So all you can do is to appreciate and recite Amida’s Name, Na-ma-n-da-bu.

In Gassho, Orai Fujikawa 


先月八月に例年のごとく北米教団開教使夏季研修会がサンノゼ市で 行われ、京都本山より特派講師、中央仏教学院の白川先生を迎えて、三日間ありがたい聴聞の機会が与えられました。



合掌。釈 往来

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