Orai Sensei’s Message September 2015

Welcoming the month of September which starts new school season, we begin our Dharma School for the young families.

In August we had BCA Ministers’ Association Summer Seminar in San Jose with Rev. Haruaki Shirakawa as a lecturer kindly dispatched from Hongwanji, Kyoto. In his lecture he mentioned something very true and unique when it comes to the Buddha Dharma.

In the ordinary educational institutions you get certificate to guarantee your advanced knowledge and skill when you graduate from your institution. However, the more you learn and study Buddha Dharma, the more foolish you realize yourself. In another words you come to know that you are an ordinary and simple human being like anyone else.

Therefore you realize the fact that you are allowed to live here in relation with others; so- called Interdependent Origination. Also you realize the fact you are very fortunate to continue to live now despite the truth that everything is constantly changing; Truth of Impermanence.

As for the essence of Jodo Shinshu, I have no hesitation to tell you that it is Namo Amida Butsu/Shinjin, AWARENESS of SONOMAMA; “It is going to be alright as you are.”

In the course of life there are so many ups and downs and you may stop and think from time to time. And you are afraid of many unknown factors such as property, money, family, health as well as yourself. But thanks to the tradition handed down by our forefathers, you come to understand that you are already in the embrace of Amida Buddha regardless of time and place. So all you can do is to appreciate and recite Amida’s Name, Na-ma-n-da-bu.

In Gassho, Orai Fujikawa 


先月八月に例年のごとく北米教団開教使夏季研修会がサンノゼ市で 行われ、京都本山より特派講師、中央仏教学院の白川先生を迎えて、三日間ありがたい聴聞の機会が与えられました。



合掌。釈 往来


Orai Sensei’s Message August 2015

Hello and welcome to the month of August which is usually a quieter one than the other months in this community. But there is one unique service and public lecture being planned; Commemorating Rennyo Shonin and Shoichi Furutani as well as monthly memorial service.

As you all know, Rennyo Shonin (1415-1499 ) was the eighth Monshu (Head Priest of Hongwanji) who is often considered the second founder of Hongwanji Organization. He diligently and thoroughly studied the teachings of Shinran Shonin and shared with farmers and merchants by explaining in an easy language and making Namo Amida Butsu a daily practice.

Who is Shoichi Furutani? According to the office record, he was born in Hawaii and raised in a small village near Hiroshima before coming to Salinas, CA in 1930s. He spent his early days with one of the three resident ministers in Salinas before finding a room on Lake Street and a job at a vegetable shed. Because of his association with Buddhist Temple, he wrote a will to donate his assets to the temple. After he died as a single man, his father’s property in Japan was sold and eventually his inherited asset was transferred to Buddhist Temple of Salinas. Therefore we are fortunate to use this fund to promote Buddha-Dharma today.

I would like to invite each and everyone to the special service and public lecture on Sunday August 9th with guest speaker Prof. Rev. Toshikazu Arai from Soai University, Osaka, Japan. Lunch will be provided and bring your neighbors and friends.

In Gassho, Na-man-da-bu   Orai Fujikawa



8月9日(日)は皆さんと古谷氏を追悼しつつ、仏法の聴聞が出来ます事をありがたく感謝いたしましょう。丁度シアトル仏教会での法縁、更にバークレーでの仏教研究会に参加予定の新井俊一教授がご講師で御出で下さいます。新井先生は大阪の相愛大学の名誉教授です。友人、隣人を誘い合わせてお参り下さい。       合掌。釈往来


孫が来て 直してくれる コンピューター/ 息子には 英語猫には 日本語で/ 孫が増え 出る一方の お小遣い/ よく寝てる 明日の子守が ちときつい/ よく来たと エンマに ハグされた夢/ 復興が 進まず大臣 今もいる/ 孫の顔 どこか似ている おれの母


Orai Sensei’s Message July 2015

Welcoming the month of July which is the time of Obon Service and Obon Festival; yes it is the biggest event of the year in the Buddhist Community of Salinas.

Obon is the time for us to pay tribute to all the ancestors including the loved ones recently lost as Hatsubon. We cannot see them anymore, but we are able to meet them spiritually through Nembutsu meditation. As we recite NA-MAN-DA-BU, NA-MAN-DA-BU, they continue to be with us while wishing us the best.

It is also the time for us to see many people, new friends and old friends as well as the members of the family and relatives. We get together at the gravesite, at the temple, and at the Obon Festival. It is good to see old friends from far and near once a year or so and say, “My goodness how have you been?” “IKITOTTANO Glad to see you alive.”

Furthermore, it is the time for us to realize the preciousness of living human life now and here, thanks to the sacrifice of all the sentient beings around us. Then the Festival is concluded with Obon Dance—Dance of Joy and Appreciation.

Please note Sunday July 12th we have Gravesite service: 9AM Garden of Memory 10AM Yamato Cemetery, 11AM Obon Service at the Temple.

                                    July 26 Sunday Noon to 8PM Obon Festival

I shall see you then. With gassho, Namoamidabutsu, Orai Fujikawa




レタスの畑 ええじゃないか

ブロッコリーも ええじゃないか

カリフラワーも ええじゃないか

ストロベリー ええじゃないか

グリーンハウス ええじゃないか

まだまだあるよ ええじゃないか

スタインベック ええじゃないか

ダウンタウン ええじゃないか

ロットオブサンシャイン ええじゃないか

ブルースカイも ええじゃないか

クールウインド ええじゃないか

まだまだあるよ ええじゃないか

フレンドリーピープル ええじゃないか

テンプルベルタワー ええじゃないか

お盆祭り ええじゃないか

孫の子守も ええじゃないか

孫が帰った ええじゃないか

夫婦喧嘩も ええじゃないか

仲直りしたら ええじゃないか

お国言葉も ええじゃないか

はようきんさい ええじゃないか

よかにせよかおごじょ ええじゃないか

ええじゃないか ええじゃないか ええじゃないか

今年はみんなで一緒に踊りましょう。   合掌。釈往来



ジジババは 外されている 水入らず/ 老いてなお 飛べる気のする 水溜り/ 聞こえても 聞かぬ振りする タヌキ爺/ 死ぬのなら 静かに死ねよ お一人で/ ワイフには 見せぬ顔して 孫あやし


Orai Sensei’s Message June 2015



How beautiful is the starry sky in the night! Who could know the mystery of the heavens? When these countless eyes shine on me brilliantly, my heart is filled with joy!

This is a part of the song called SEIYA created by Lady Takeko Kujo, who was born as a daughter of Hongwanji 21st Monshu Koson in 1887. By the way her brother Sonyu came to visit Salinas to commemorate the founding of the temple in 1925 and he planted two pine trees which recently died.

After marriage she went to London, England with her husband who attended Cambridge University. But she returned alone and the couple lived apart for most their lives as husband took a job in London. In 1923 Tokyo area was devastated by Earthquake and she spearheaded to sponsor humanitarian efforts, which let the reconstruction of Tsukiji Hongwanji, Asoka Hospital and Buddhist Women’s Association. She is also noted poet who wrote numerous poems generated from her Nembutsu faith. She was also considered one of the three beauties in Japan those days. As she worked with poor people, she got contacted with septicemia and died in 1928 at the age of 42.

The above is one of the famous poems which expresses her lonely feelings, yet always showing strength and joy in the Nembutsu.

There are more numerous Buddhas than the sands of the Ganges.                                                         When I hear that they watch over me night and day, my heart is filled with peace.

Gassho, Namoamidabutsu, Orai Fujikawa

星の夜空の美しさ 誰かは知るや天の謎

無数のひとみ輝けば 歓喜に和むわが心

九条武子夫人作 聖夜より





ガンジス川の真砂より あまたおわする仏たち

夜昼つねに護らすと 聞くに和めるわが心

合掌 ナモアミダブツ


悩み事 相談されて 悩み増え/ パトカーよ なしてそったら とこにいる/ 偏西風 あまりいいもの 運ばない/ 結びころ 行間狭く なるハガキ/ コンパニオン 昔はたしか 仲居さん/ ヘソクリを 出しては自分 勇気付け/ 女房の タイヘン五割 引きで聞き/ 格差より 段差が気になる 年となり



Orai Sensei’s Message May 2015

In the month of May we have a major service called Gotan-ye; commemoration of Shinran Shonin’s Birthday. This service is combined with Monthly Memorial Service and Picnic. Also Infant Presentation is available if you have young ones to introduce to the Buddhist Community on that occasion.

Gotanye is often called FUJI-MATSURI, Wisteria Festival in Japan as the wisteria is in full bloom in May, although it blossoms in the end of March in Salinas.  The reason we cherish wisteria is the fact that the family crest of the Ohtani Hongwanji in Kyoto is wisteria.  As you know, wisteria flowers hang low instead of high up, which symbolizes humbleness and humility.

I believe the strong feature of our tradition of Jodo Shinshu is this humbleness. We have to be humble because we do not follow the fundamental precepts in the historical development such as No Killing, No Meat Eating, No Celibacy, No Alcohol, and so on. Therefore if Theravada Buddhists come to visit our temple on the picnic day, I am very sure they will be quite appalled to see us enjoy eating beefsteak.

We should be humble and grateful for the fact that we are allowed to be here each and every day thanks to the sacrifices of many people and sentient beings around us which we usually take for granted.  In Gassho, Namandabu, Orai Fujikawa



親鸞さまは90年の生涯において、いつも自己をみつめながら、恥ずかしい自己、悲しい自分であるけれども、如来の大悲に包まれて、ありがたい事だと念仏されたことを忘れてはなりません。 合掌。なんまんだぶつ。釈往来

続シルバー川柳 (毎日新聞、羅新より)

若いって いいなつくづく 今思う/ シマッタと 入ったとたん 思う店/ カネ入れる 引き落とされる くりかえし/ オレが風呂 出るとじゃあねと 切る電話/ 買うよりは高くつくけど 直します/ シタイとき しときゃよかった 何事も/ 議員こそ仮設宿舎で いいのでは

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