November 2016 White Path message by Rev. Yugo Fujita, the new Resident Minister of Salinas

Minister’s Message for the November 2016 White Path

Hello everyone,

My name is Yugo Fujita. I would be glad if you call me “Yugo.” I am the new resident minister of the Buddhist Temple of Salinas. I think I am also the youngest ministerial addition to the Coast District. First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to all of you for your warm and generous welcome. I feel very honored to come to Salinas as the residence minister.

I would like to introduce myself a little bit to everyone who I have not met yet. I have been assigned to the Buddhist Temple of Salinas since October 10, 2016. I am from Kagawa, Shikoku Island, Japan. Kagawa is the smallest prefecture in Japan, but we have great Udon noodles and the climate is good for living, like Salinas.  I went to Ryukoku University in Kyoto and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Shin Buddhism and Social Welfare. Following that I continued my education at the Ryukoku Graduate School of Practical Shin Buddhist Studies. Ryukoku University was established by Hongwanji Temple. During my final year I left the school because I decided to become a minister of the Buddhist Churches of America.

I am still getting used to Salinas and the U.S, but I feel very honored to walk along with everyone here. I would be grateful if you tell me about yourself, this town, and the Buddhist Temple of Salinas. I look forward to seeing and talking to everyone. Lastly I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the wonderful people at the temple. I will do my best for the Buddhist Temple of Salinas.


Yugo Fujita 








October 2016 message by Rev. Jay Shinseki, Supervising Minister




“Shariputra, in the land of Ultimate Bliss, a pleasant breeze wafts, swaying the rows of trees colored with various jewels and waving the gauze curtains with little bells, stirring an exquisite melody.  This is just as though hundreds of thousands of musical instruments were being played in unison.  For all who hear this melody, their devotion to the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha is spontaneously deepened.  Shariputra, in this way the land of Ultimate Bliss is an ideal environment so that whatever one hears will bring about awakening.  Shariputra, why do you suppose this Buddha is called Amitabha?  Shariputra, this Buddha emits immeasurable light, shedding light upon all the worlds of the ten directions without obstruction.”[1]


Borders are defined as a line that separates one from another, usually referring to a state or country.  In the Amidakyo it is referred to as an obstruction.  But in this case it refers to Amida’s light reaching us despite the borders we create.  In a garden it refers to the bricks or hedges and in our homes as fences and walls.  In our everyday lives we live with borders that define where we live and who we are.  There are both visible and invisible borders that exist.  We have state lines, international date lines, and country borders.  We have doors, walls and fences that all define borders.  Starting from your home, you have your room that is defined by walls, then you have your house that is defined by fences, then you have your city defined by city limits which in turn has county, state and country borders. 


There are numerous unseen borders which we all experience.  At our recent national minister meeting we gathered from Canada, Hawaii, and all over the United States in Berkeley.  On the first morning we chanted the Shoshinge which is chanted all over the world at Buddhist temples, homes and gatherings. As we chanted together from all parts of the country there was one beautiful sound created.  At that moment all borders of Hawaii, Canada, New York and California disappeared and became seamless and borderless.


We have created for ourselves countless seen and unseen borders to keep us safe, to keep us defined, to keep us separated.  And yet there are the numerous ways in which life comes at us and crosses those borders unimpeded.  The sound of the wind chime in my garden, the wind cooling me on a hot night, the light of the sun and moon illuminating my life all cross over the borders I have created and touch me.  In the very same way Amida reaches far beyond and touches my life, illuminating me and revealing to me the truth of my life. 


Although I create all sorts of borders in my life, life still comes to me.  I am able to experience the wind, the sun the sounds of life.   I create borders of doubt and ignorance and yet Amida’s compassion still comes to me revealing my true nature.  I am eternally grateful for the people who have come and gone into my life and have compassionately shown to me my true nature.  As the Buddha explained to his disciple Shariputra, “For all who hear this melody, their devotion to the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha is spontaneously deepened.  Shariputra, in this way the land of Ultimate Bliss is an ideal environment so that whatever one hears will bring about awakening.  Shariputra, why do you suppose this Buddha is called Amitabha?  Shariputra, this Buddha emits immeasurable light, shedding light upon all the worlds of the ten directions without obstruction.”[2]



Rev. Shinseki


[1] The Amida Sutra (Skt. Smaller Sukhavativyuha Sutra) Translated by Karen Mack, Journal of Jodo Shu Edification Studies, No. 14, 2003

[2] The Amida Sutra (Skt. Smaller Sukhavatibyuha Sutra) Translated by Karen Mack, Journal of Jodo Shu Edification Studies, No. 14, 2003















White Path Message by Orai Sensei, August 2016

Orai Sensei Aug 2016






All foolish beings, whether good or evil,

When they hear and entrust to Amida’s universal Vow,

Are praised by the Buddha as people of vast and excellent understanding;                                           

Such a person is called a pure white lotus.


For evil sentient beings of wrong views and arrogance,

The nembutsu that embodies Amida’s Primal Vow

Is hard to accept in shinjin;

This most difficult of difficulties, nothing surpasses.

With this paragraph Shinran Shonin recommends us ordinary beings to simply hear and follow Amida Buddha’s Vow to save all the sentient beings. And such a person is to be called PUNDARIKE Pure White Lotus in this world.

Yes, many of us don’t know our own ignorance and we continue to think we are always right. Therefore it is very difficult for us to accept the Nembutsu which is the essence of Amida’s Vow to save us. It is nothing more difficult than this.

As I always mention, the essence of Jodo Shinshu is the Nembutsu which is the simplest form of Buddha-Dharma. And it is easy to carry and recite for everyone from three years old to 100 years old. Therefore it’s value and virtue is often ignored by some people, but may all of you to accept as it is and I am sure it will be the best companion in the course of life.

                                                               In Gassho, Namoamidabutsu, Orai Fujikawa

一切善悪凡夫人 聞信如来弘誓願 仏言広大勝解者 是人名分陀利華

弥陀仏本願念仏 邪見驕慢悪衆生 信楽受持甚以難 難中之難無過斯

ほとけの誓い 信ずれば いとおろかなる ものとても

すぐれし人とほめたまい 白蓮華とぞ たたえます

ナムアミダブツの みおしえは おごり たかぶり よこしまの

はかろう身にて 信ぜんに 難きなかにも なおかたし




合掌。ナモアミダブツ。 釈 往来


ごみの山 みんなお金で 買ったもの/ 富豪だが 貧乏ゆすりの 癖がある/ 手術前 医者にも誓約 してほしい/ 大根を 巨根ですねと 言った妻/ 年老いて 未来がいつか 過去になり/ 未来には ガンもなくなり 死ねません/ 持つべきは じいちゃんだなと 孫が言う/ 若ハゲと 言われたころが 懐かしい/ よき未来 よき毎日の 続きです



Orai Sensei July 2016

Shoshinge (continues)

SESSHU SHINKOU JOUSHOUGO INOU SUIHA MUMYOUAN                                            

TONNAI SHINZOU SHIUNMU JOUFU SHINJITSU SHINJINTEN                                           

HINYO NIKKOU FUUNMU UMMUSHIGE MYOUMUAN                                                   


The light of compassion that grasps us illumines and protects us always;            

The darkness of our ignorance is already broken through;                                                     

Still the clouds and mists of greed and desire, anger and hatred,                                      

Cover as always the sky of true and real shinjin.

But though the light of the sun is veiled by clouds and mists,                                        

Beneath the clouds and mists there is brightness, not dark.                                                  

When one realizes shinjin, seeing and revering and attaining great joy,              

One immediately leaps crosswise, closing off the five evil courses.

Yes, the light of wisdom and compassion is always shining on us, yet we are so ignorant with our clouds and mists of selfishness that we cannot see it. There is a Japanese saying, “Oya no kokoro Ko shirazu,” (A child doesn’t understand the parent’s love and concern). I see the same situation here. The parents love and care for their child with great concern, but the child has no idea to realize it and continues to give more concerns to the parents.  However, as the sun is shining above the clouds, there is always brightness, so that you have a chance to realize the light and attain the joy of shinjin. And you can carry on your life however it is treacherous.

摂取心光常照護 已能雖破無明闇 貪愛瞋憎之雲霧 常覆真実信心天  譬如日光覆雲霧  雲霧之下明無闇 獲信見敬大慶喜 即横超截五悪趣

救いのひかりあきらけく 疑いの闇晴れ去るも まどいの雲は消えやらで つねに信心(まこと)のそら覆う たとえ日光が雲にかくれても 下に闇がないがごとく 信心よろこび うやまえば 迷いの道は断ち切られ

阿弥陀如来が すべての迷える衆生をすくい取ろうとして慈悲のひかりで照らしていてくださるのですが、私たちは欲や、貪り、憎しみの雲や霧でもって、その慈悲の心を受け取ることができません。しかしながらたとえ雲や霧があろうとも、日光はいつも輝いているので、暗くなることはないように、私たちが親心に気付き、よろこびの心を起こせば、この人生を強く明るく生き抜いてゆく確かな信心を頂くことができるのです。「親の心、子知らず」といいますが、小さい時は、なかなか親心が分かりません。心配をかけていたことも、知りませんでした。しかしこの年になると、自分がどんなに親に心配をかけていたか、反省させられるのであります。



村人も 今では家に 鍵をかけ/ 花やお茶 いいからボタン 付けてくれ/ もったいない もったいないと 妻肥る/ 探し物 部屋から部屋へ お百度参り/ びっくりと 日本語で言え サプライズ/ サリナスで 都知事のニュースに 腹を立て/ わが未来 願いはひとつ ピンコロリ


Orai Sensei’s Message June 2016

Shoshinge (continues)



When one thought-moment of joy arises,                                                                       

Nirvana is attained without severing blind passions;                                                         

When ignorant and wise, even grave offenders and slanders of dharma, all alike turn and enter shinjin,                                                                                                    

They are like waters that, on entering the ocean, becomes one in taste with it.

When you truly encounter with the Nembutsu by understanding and realizing its meaning, you are able to receive the joy in mind and taste nirvana although you still have blind passions. And thanks to the great compassion, each and everyone is equally embraced, regardless of wise or ignorant, even slanders of the dharma, just like the ocean intakes all kinds of waters and rivers.

In this human life there are unfortunate prejudices and discriminations. Also there are rich and poor people, wise and ignorant, and so on. However it is good to know everyone is equal in the eyes of compassion of Amida Buddha. Therefore it is important for us to hear and respond to the Vow and Call of the Buddha.

The month of June is the beginning of summer season and may you enjoy good health and peace of mind with the nembutsu. Na-ma-n-da-bu.

能発一念喜愛心 不断煩悩得涅槃 凡聖逆謗斉回入 如衆水入海一味

信心ひとたびおこりなば 煩悩(なやみ)を断たで 涅槃(すくい)あり 水の潮となるがごと 凡夫とひじり一味なり



ハイタッチ 腕が上がらず 老タッチ/浪花節 なんのダシかと 嫁が聞き/もったいない 気づけば我が家 ゴミ屋敷/オレだって 死ねば弔辞で 褒められる/人生に 迷いはないが 道迷う/ハグされて アメリカかぶれ 板につき