Orai Sensei's Message for April 2012 White Path

Last Sunday (March 11) we commemorated Spring Higan (equinox day) and Monthly Memorial Service. Furthermore we paid tribute to the 20,000 and strong victims of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on 3.11 last year. If you count the people who have been evacuated and living at the temporary facilities, they say more than half a million of people were affected. And the radiation crisis is far from over and they say it may take twenty and thirty years.

Twenty-five minutes before the service I got a call from TV crew for interview on the Earthquake and the cameraman and reporter rushed to our temple taping our service. Although it was a short notice, I was glad to watch some of the temple members on the evening news. Have you seen the news on Sunday evening?

They gave me a five minutes interview, but I appeared for only a few seconds in the evening news reciting a Japanese poem created by a friend in Vancouver, B.C. The poem goes;

Bouzen to Tachitsukuserishi Hitono Seni Umi Odayakani Hiwa mata Nobori

My translation; Against a back of a man of heartbreak standing on the shore, the ocean is now calm and the sun rises again.

Losing his family and friends as well as his house and boat, this man is heartbroken and standing on the shore. Yet the ocean has now been calm as if nothing happened a few days ago and the bright sun rises again.

Although it was incredibly huge disaster, we all have learned the truth of impermanence of life and its preciousness as well as the importance of human relationships and friendships.

In gassho, Namoamidabutsu,

Orai Fujikawa 

四月 白道 メッセージ




呆然と立ち尽くせりし 人の背に 海穏やかに 陽はまた昇り



合掌。なむあみだぶつ。釈 往来

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