Orai Sensei’s Message for May 2013 White Path

Last weekend Saturday April 13 we were able to decorate Hanamido with a lot of help as well as plenty of flowers donated as usual thanks to the local flower growers. And on Sunday we commemorated Hanamatsuri together with infant presentation. The message by the guest speaker from San Jose Buddhist Temple was well received by the congregation. The small light in the mind of Gautama Siddhartha caught on his friends, and became the light in India, and the light of Asia, and now becoming the light of the world.

As Fujimoto Sensei quoted from the teaching of the Buddha, “wisdom of enlightenment will exist forever in the truth of Dharma and in the practice of the Dharma. Only he who accepts the teaching truly sees the Buddha.”

And he talked about the birth itself in its true sense. We are actually being born and dying every day. Yesterday’s YOU is not today’s YOU. Life and death are one and it is important for us to live in appreciation each moment now and here.

And the following day Monday I was very pleased to see the beautiful pictures of our Hanamido and Hanamatsuri Service in the local newspaper The Salinas Californian thanks to the photographer Jay Dunn who also came and enjoyed our service on Sunday.

Although the religion Buddhism is still practiced by a small percent of the people in this country, it is nice to know that it has been recognized as one of the great religions in the 21st century.

In Gassho, Namoamidabutsu




まだまだ仏教はこの米国では主要な宗教とは程遠いでしょうが、2500年前出家して六年修行したゴータマシッダルタの心に輝いた悟りの光が、やがてインドの光となり、そしてアジアの光、今では次第に世界の光となりつつあることは嬉しいことですね。浄土真宗ではその光を「念仏の智慧の光」と教えて下さったのが親鸞聖人であります。来月は宗祖聖人の誕生をお祝いする降誕会です。合掌。釈 往来


Orai Sensei’s Message April 2013 White Path

Welcoming the month of April, the time of flowers of many kinds, we also commemorate Hanamatsuri, the birthday of Gautama Siddhartha, who became Shakyamuni Buddha at the age of 35 years old 2500 years ago.

Birthday is one thing for each one of us has for sure. And another date of Nirvana of death is not unknown yet, but it will come for sure too. We are all aware the fact that we were born into human life and were raised as human beings. Yes, each one of us has date of birth and date of death in the future.

The important difference between the Buddha and myself is the Buddha is enlightened one while myself is unenlightened. In our spiritual tradition of Jodo Shinshu, one of the Pure Land Schools of Buddhism, the enlightenment is considered as Shinjin or Anjin, great peace of mind, which is the most important in the course of human life among the important things, so called GOSHO NO ICHIDAIJI.

This great peace of mind is the gift coming from Amida Buddha. It is not something you can raise or create in your mind. Therefore it is also called TARIKI NO SHINJIN, peace of mind coming from Other Power. However it is vital for you to listen to the Dharma, so that you are able to finally hear this great gift during your lifetime.  

I wish to welcome you to the Hanamatsuri on April 14 this year as we have invited Rev. Ken Fujimoto from San Jose Buddhist Temple as the guest speaker.

In Gassho, Namoamidabutsu, Orai Fujikawa





花祭りは今年は四月十四日にお勤めします。その日は幼児の初参りも行いますので、早めにオフィスまでご連絡ください。なおご講師はサンノゼ別院の藤本顕信先生をお迎えします。 合掌。 釈往来


Orai Sensei’s Message for March 2013 White Path

I wish to share the story that I told at the Nirvana Day Service on Feb 17th.

Agriculture Department in Iowa University once conducted a following experiment: They constructed a wooden box filled with good soil. And they planted a single grain of rye wheat. The researchers gave it a good care everyday with fertilizer, water, and sunshine for several months.

They finally got a tall stalk of rye. Then they broke the wooden box apart, shook all the soil vary carefully with water. And they measured the length of all the roots; big and small ones that had stretched in the soil in order to maintain the rye’s life. Some of them were so fine that they had to use microscope.

As a result, the number that they came up was something no one could believe. The total length of all the roots of a single stalk of rye was 11, 200km.

I still can’t believe that number myself, but it is amazing number and the important thing each one of us to think about is the fact there are millions of ancestors and sentient beings which have sustained our life, so that we are able to be here and now.

In gassho, Namoamidabutsu, Orai Fujikawa








合掌。ナモアミダブツ。釈 往来


Orai Sensei’s Message for February 2013 White Path

It was frosty and chilly morning as we were gathered for Hoonko in memory of Shinran Shonin on January 13th, 2013. The guest minister Rev. George Matsubayashi from Los Angeles told me it was very cold in the motel and he shot the thermometer up to 80F as soon as he entered his room. But it was at least sunny on Sunday and I was very glad to see many people young and old came out to enjoy the service and New Year’s Day party.

Hoonko has been a sort of Thanksgiving Day for the most of the people in Japan observed in the month of November or December after the harvest season. As I was born and raised in the Buddhist Temple, I recall the time when I was a high school student, I used to follow my father Sunday afternoon visiting a dozen homes in a small village by chanting Shoshinge and everybody in the village got together at the last hosting home in the evening to have Hoonko Service and a big supper till late night.  Therefore in Japan Hoonko used to be a sort of community and yearend festival.

It is interesting for us to have Hoonko and New Year’s Party here in Salinas, California.  Also it happened to be our first anniversary as we arrived here on January 17, 2012  from Vancouver.  It was overwhelming feeling for us to have been recognized with the yearend gifts from Buddhist Temple of Salinas, BWA and Dharma School. Thank you very much for your very generous gifts and may we count on your patience and understanding for the New Year.

In Gassho, Namoamidabutsu, Orai Fujikawa, resident minister

二月 白道 メッセージ



カリフォルニアでの報恩講は新年一月、新年親睦会で持ち寄りのご馳走、時と場所は違っても何か共通のものが残っていることはありがたいことですね。また親睦会の終わりには、丁度私たち二人がサリナスへ就任して一周年でもあり、仏教会、婦人会、ダルマスクールからお歳暮など頂き、家内ともどもこの寺報を借りて、御礼申し上げます。七十を超えた老夫婦ですが今年ももよろしくお願いします。 合掌。  釈 往来


Orai Sensei’s Message for December 2012 White Path

Fall and winter season is the time to enjoy all kinds of fruits such as persimmon, fig, apple, pear, pomegranate, and so on. The other day I found a big red persimmon on the table and had a bite with imagination that I used to enjoy in my home town in my childhood in Hiroshima. I got a sharp and stinging taste in my tongue so called SHI-BU-I.  A friend of mine recommended to my wife that we should put them in the plastic bag together with some apples for a few days.  So she did. Then, alas, the persimmons became very soft and tasted very sweet. What a big change occurred in a few days!

This reminds me of the working of Vow Power of Amida Buddha. Although each of us has hard, stubborn, and selfish mind, it encounters with the light of compassion and it can be a soft, flexible, and thoughtful mind. Shinran Shonin created a poem on this point saying, “The sins and obstacles become the substance of merits and virtues. And they are like the relationship between ice and water, and you have the bigger ice and the more water.”

In the course of life you come across many ups and downs; sorrows, grieves, as well as happiness. But through your diligence, endurance, and patience nurtured by the compassion of the Buddha they become the treasures of experience in life or the energy to meet the further challenges.

By the way, although those fruits taste very good, do not eat too much and take good care of yourself as it is getting cold soon.

Namoamidabutsu in Gassho, Orai Fujikawa

十二月 白道 メッセージ




それでも柿を食べ過ぎないようにしましょう。なんでも過ぎるとよくないですから。なんまんだぶつ。釈 往来