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White Path Message by Rev. Yugo Fujita for May 2019

Dear Members,

The Buddhist Temple of Salinas observed and celebrated Shakyamuni Buddha’s birthday “Hanamatsuri” on April 7th, 2019.  I am sure that all of you who attended the service enjoyed delicious food after the service. Thank you very much to those who brought foods to the luncheon. Also, Herb Wong made tri-tip for us. The Hanamido, which is a small altar for a baby Buddha, was decorated with many beautiful and colorful flowers. I would like to thank the hard-working BWA ladies for creating the Hanamido.

There are many types of Buddha representations in the world. Some Buddhas are sitting, others are standing and still others are laying down or reclining. It is often said that a Buddha laying on his side represents Shakyamuni Buddha that is about to die and enter parinirvana. A sitting Buddha represents Buddha that is practicing and this Buddha is calling to us to “come here, come to me.” In Jodo Shinshu and in Shin Buddhism, the Amida Buddha representation which we use as the central object of respect, you will always find that the Amida Buddha is standing. While in other Buddhist schools, you will find that the same Amida Buddha is sitting. The standing Amida Buddha represents the Buddha’s infinite compassion and the fact that the Amida Buddha wants to save everyone, especially those who are not able to become enlightened by themselves. Amida Buddha is not waiting for you at the Pure Land, Amida Buddha is always approaching us even before we approach Amida Buddha ourselves. The Amida Buddha is not saying “come up here,” rather he is saying “I come to you with the countless other Buddhas who is your loved ones and friends. It is Amida Buddha’s desire for us to awaken to this ultimate truth as soon as possible.  

In Gassho,

Yugo Fujita



2019年4月7日に花祭り法要をサリナス仏教会で執り行わせていただきました。皆さま法要後のランチを味わい、ご友人・ご家族と有意義な時間を過ごされたと思います。ランチに料理を持ってきてくださった方々ありがとうございます。トライチップのお肉は Herb Wong さんが作ってくださりました。また、花御堂は婦人会の方々が土曜日、日曜日の朝早くに来て作ってくださりました。おかげで綺麗な花御堂を楽しむことができました。