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White Path Message by Rev. Yugo Fujita for April 2019

We will have a Hanamatsuri service on Sunday, April 7that 10 AM. This service celebrates the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. We also call this service “Kanbutsu-E.” We also have a Hatsumairi Ceremony at the same day. Hatsumairi is a Ceremony in which a child is presented to Amida Buddha for the first time. If you would like your child or grandchild to take part in this ceremony, please let me know. 

I went to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the Annual BCA National Council and Ministers meeting with Mr. Hirahara and Mr. and Mrs. Tsukamoto. It was good opportunity for me to talk with other ministers and members. They gave me a lot of ideas and information about the BCA, our temples and Buddhism. 

Most of those senior ministers who are good mentors for me, are serving temples far away from here, so it is rare for me to be able to talk with and see them, so this opportunity is a very meaningful time for me. I am grateful to all of you for allowing me to attend this annual meeting.  

It was also a great chance to be in Arizona during the spring because of Baseball’s spring training that takes place in Arizona each spring.  We went to watch the Mariners and Angels game and I was really hoping to be able to see Ichiro, Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.  Unfortunately, we were not able to see Ichiro and Shohei Ohtani. They were playing another game at the same time elsewhere, but as a Buddhist, I realized, “Wow, this is impermanence, and it can’t be helped.”  Even though Ichiro and Ohtani were not there, we were still able to enjoy the game.   It wasn’t because of fate that Ichiro and Ohtani were not there, it was karmic reality that they weren’t playing that day. It wasn’t because of any God or spirit that prevented them from playing.  We are constantly reminded that our lives are all about cause and effect and that our lives are constantly changing.


Yugo Fujita




アリゾナ州・フェニックスで行われた、BCA全体総会に今年も参加させていただきました。総会にはMr. Hirahara and Mr. and Mrs. Tsukamotoと参加しました。他のお寺の先生や、メンバー様とお話しでき、BCA、お寺、仏法のことを様々な角度から学べるので私にとって有難いご縁であります。特に普段お目にかかれない先輩の先生とお話しさせていただくことは大変貴重な体験であります。