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White Path Message by Rev. Yugo Fujita for June 2018

Dear Temple Members:

We are already in June, and 2018 is about to be half over. Summer is coming, and Obon Festival will be here soon. Last month I was able to take part in the Gotan-E service along with other wonderful lecturers. Reverend Matsubayashi who was the resident minister in Salinas from 2000 to 2006 will come to the Hatsubon and Shotsuki service on July 8th. Please attend this important service.

Changing the subject, I like to ask the question, what is the nature and characteristics of a Buddha? I believe that the most important feature is that Buddha does not separate Buddha-self from others, and Buddha possess a heart that does not create any divisions from one thing to another. Buddha does not possess typical human mindset of considering others as separate from ourselves and thinking that everything outside of ourselves have nothing to do with us. Buddha looks at all of us equally with no discrimination. Buddha works on each of us individually but equally toward all others at the same time and this is a wonderful and thankful thing. One other important characteristic of Buddha is that Buddha accepts everyone as they are. Buddha’s infinite compassion is always here, and it is all-inclusive. Buddha will make us feel at peace with ourselves and this reveals Buddha’s mercy and his true characteristics.

In May, we had a wonderful temple picnic where we were served delicious food. I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who helped with the temple picnic preparation. Thank you very much.

In Gassho, Yugo


話しは変わりますが、仏様の性質・特徴とはなんでしょうか? 私が思うに大きな特徴は、ご自身と他者を区別せず、分け隔てを設けないお心をお持ちということです。あなたはあなた、私は私、私には関係がないというお心は持っていないのが仏様です。私たち、すべての命を平等に見てくださっているのです。一人の仏様の働きが多くの人々に等しく、同じように思い働いてくださっていることは大変ありがたいことです。もう一つの大きな特徴は、煩悩によって濁った心を、清らかにしてくださるということです。煩悩とは簡単に言えば自分勝手の心のことです。自分勝手の心によって真実が見えなくなった私を仏様の真実のお光で導いてくださるのです。自己中心的な考え方に囚われ迷っている私を、けっして遠ざけることなくどこまでも包み込んで、転じさせ安らかにしてくださるのが仏様の大悲の働きであり、仏様の特徴です。