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White Path Message by Rev. Yugo Fujita for January 2019

Dear Temple Members:

Happy New Year, everyone! I would like to extend the best wishes to your family and friends. May the New Year bring good things to all of you, and a year filled with peace, good health and happiness.  I would like to thank all of you for your support last year. I am very happy to spend time with all of you here.Also, I wish you had good holiday season, spending time with your friends and family.   

We will have the January Shotsuki service on Sunday, January 20that the temple followed by the New Year Party. We will also have Tri temple Hoonko Service at the Watsonville Buddhist Temple on Sunday, January 27thstarting at 10 AM. This month, we will have two services, so please be careful that you are not confused about it.  

The Buddhist Temple of Salinas has had some important activities and events recently: the general clean-up and mochitsuki. I may not have had the opportunity to adequately express my appreciation to all of you for your support at these events, so I would like to express my gratitude again now. Thank you very much for coming to help the temple despite your very busy schedule at the end of year. A lot of people participated in the temple clean-up. I must also clean-up my house now. 

At end of the year, people say, “see you next year, Happy New Year!” even though it is happening just the following week. I like the idea of the end-of-the-year greetings. We know that we are going to be seeing each other soon again, but we are saying our greetings because we care for each other. We are expressing our respect. I like to say “Namo Amida Butsu” when I greet the New Year to express my respect to Amida Buddha as well.


Yugo Fujita








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