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White Path Message by Rev. Yugo Fujita for December 2018

Dear Temple Members,

On November 11, 2018, we had the BWA Memorial Service and Shotsuki Service. Rev. Fujikawa was our guest speaker.  I am glad that we met and I enjoyed talking with Reverend and Mrs. Fujikawa. They came from faraway Canada. We had a very nice service and luncheon.  Thank you very much to everyone for preparing and bringing good food for the luncheon. I am sure that we will see them in 2024 for our Buddhist Temple of Salinas 100thyear anniversary. 

As all of you know, most of our Buddhist Temple altar fixtures were sent to Japan to be refurbished. So, this month, I would like to write about “Naijin.” Naijin represents the Pure Land of Amida and Buddhas. When you come into the temple, there are two places in the main hall, the hondo in Japanese. They are “Gejin” and “Naijin.” Gejin is the place where you and other followers are seated, and it is also where the minister gives his Dharma talk. Gejin represents where human beings reside. Naijin on the other hand, represents the Pure Land of Amida and Buddhas, and it represents where Buddhas reside. It is however, not the world of afterlife or a utopia that some people might think. 

Amida Buddha is in the center, Shinran-Shonin at the right side and Rennyo-Shonin is on the left side represented by kakejiiku (painted scroll). Both Shinran and Rennyo taught us about Amida Buddha’s teaching and they became Buddhas. 

Also next to Shinran-Shonin and Rennyo Shonin, is a scroll depicting the Seven Masters [From India: Nagarjuna (Ryuju Bosatsu), Vasubandhu (Tenjin Bosatsu); from China: Tan Luan (Donran Daishi), Tao Cho (Doshaku Zenji), Shan Tao (Zendo Daishi), from Japan: Genshin Kasho, Genku (Better known as Honen Shonin)]and Prince Shotoku is also depicted. They are all associated with our Pure Land teachings. All these people depicted in the Naijin became one with Amida Buddha and therefore represents the compassion of Amida. So, we can say that Naijin represents the Pure Land. 


Yugo Fujita







藤田 裕豪