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White Path Message by Rev. Yugo Fujita for November 2018

Dear Temple Members,

On October 21, we had the Eitaikyo & October Shotsuki Service with our guest speaker Rev. Michael Endo. Following the service, we also had the Keirokai Celebration Potluck Luncheon. We enjoyed delicious dishes and desserts. Our potluck luncheon is always great, so I cannot resist eating a lot. On behalf of Buddhist Temple of Salinas, I would like to express my respect and honor the Keirokai members. You have been supporting and working hard for the temple, so that we can enjoy this temple’s community and Dharma today. Also, I would like to thank those who prepared for the Keirokai, bring the dishes and desserts, and arranged for the entertainment. Thank you to all that participated, and thank you very much for supporting Keirokai. 

On November 11, we will have the BWA Memorial Service & November Shotsuki Service with guest speaker Rev. Orai Fujikawa. Also, we will have a potluck luncheon for Rev. Fujikawa and Mrs. Fujikawa on Saturday, November 10.  If it is possible, please come to see and talk to them. 

When I was in Eitaikyo Service and Keirokai, I thought it is good and important to try to continue the tradition of supporting the Buddhist Temple of Salinas. Without Keirokai members’ effort and support, we would not have this temple and community. So, it is nice to give appreciation to the Keirokai members. 

It is said in the 18thvow, in Amida Buddha’s 48 compassionate aspirations that Amida Buddha works and acts on everyone, and we encounter the teaching of Amida Buddha at all times. We are able to see the same teaching across the generations. It tells us that we are connected with everyone through the working of Amida Buddha. That make me consider and reflect on the present life that we have now.  


Yugo Fujita