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White Path message by Rev. Yugo Fujita for June and July 2017

Dear Dharma Friends,

In April, we had our first Tri-temple service for 2017, the Hanamatsuri service at Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple. The guest speaker was Rev. Kuwahara from BCA. In May, we had our second Tri-temple service, the Gotan-e service at Watsonville Buddhist Temple. The guest speaker was Rev. Sugahara from Florin Buddhist Church. Rev. Sugahara moved to Portland Buddhist Temple in June, so that was our last chance to see him before he left California. I would like to thank the members who attended the Tri-temple services and brought food to the services.

Both Rev. Kuwahara and Rev. Sugahara shared great Dharma talks with us. Both talked about how we can be “foolish or ignorant beings”. We usually think that we are able to see truth, but often we cannot. It is very difficult to see truth by ourselves in our life. But as a Shin Buddhist, we can try to see truth through Buddha’s wisdom. We can seek the truth through the Dharma.

Our last Tri-temple service for 2017 will in in Salinas on August 20. It will be a Memorial Service for Rennyo Shonin, 8th Abbott of Jodo Shinshu. Let us all welcome Watsonville and Monterey members. Guest speaker will be Rev. Professor Ken Tanaka from Musashino University in Tokyo. He will give a special lecture that weekend. Please try to come to listen to the professor and attend the service. (Please see the flier in this month’s newsletter for details.)

On May 7, 2017, the temple had the annual picnic. Thank you very much to the people who made steaks and arranged the picnic. Also, thank you very much to Dharma school and YBA for helping with the activities for the children and the bingo for the adults. We all had a great time. As I played bingo, I could see my ego and desire. Even though I have ego, Amida Buddha is reaching out to me. I am very grateful.

On May 28, 2017, there was the Bay District Volleyball Tournament. YBA members, the advisers and I attended the tournament. I did not play, but the YBA members had a great time and made new friends there. I think making new friends and meeting new people are important in Buddhism because new people bring new ideas and open our minds. Opening our mind is part of being a Buddhist. Buddhism brings us new ideas and information for our life.

On May 29, 2017, we had a Memorial Day Services at Yamato Cemetery and Garden of Memories. I had prepared English Dharma talk for it, but I did not have a chance to share it. So, I would like to share part of the talk here. “The Memorial Day Service gives those of us remaining in this world an opportunity to recall the memories we shared with the deceased and to express our gratitude for all that we received from all those who have gone onto the Pure Land before us.” That is part of what I wanted to share at the Memorial Day service. I will be sure to share Dharma talk in both English and Japanese at next year’s Memorial Day service. I would like to thank all the members that attended, and to the people who made the flowers and set up chairs.

Finally, we will not have senior luncheon in July. The next senior luncheon will be in August.


Yugo Fujita

(Note: The message by Rev. Fujita for June and July are combined in this month's newsletter. I lost the message for June and could not include it in time for last month’s newsletter. My apologies. Not Sensei’s fault!--- In gassho, Mariko Yamashita) 











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