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May 2017 White Path message by Rev. Yugo Fujita

Dear Temple members,

I sincerely hope this newsletter finds you enjoying good health in the light of the Buddha Dharma.

There were two major events in March. They were the 57th Coast District Buddhist Women’s League Conference and the Coast District Young Buddhist League Conference. Both conferences were great and I had a good time with the people who attended. I would like to share some story about these conferences for those people who were not able to attend.

The 57th Coast District Buddhist Women’s League Conference was held at Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple. Keynote speaker was Rev. Peter Hata. His Dharma workshop was very interesting because he brought some musical instruments to the workshop to explain the concept of ichinyo (一如) or oneness.  I think he tried to explain about the oneness with Buddha using the musical instruments. Also, I shared my Dharma talk in Japanese with the Japanese speakers at the conference. It was my first time to talk in a conference, and my talk took about an hour. So I had a tough time giving such a long talk. I also had some equipment trouble, but my workshop talk finished without much trouble. The topic of my talk was about muga (無我) or selflessness, and mumyo (無明) or ignorance.   I would like to thank all the Salinas members that attended the conference and gave me encouragement.  

This year’s Coast District Young Buddhist League Conference was held at Mt. View Buddhist Temple. This conference was very impressive because of all the young YBA people that were in attendance, and they were at the core of that conference. The young YBA members prepared and conducted the workshop by themselves.  The workshop was great and our own Salinas YBA members enjoyed the conference very much and had a good time. 

I think that the conference went very smoothly because of all the preparation that went into it, and also because of the participation by all the attendees.  We need people to speak out and be heard, and also to listen.  We need both to have a successful conference.  It is the same way with Buddhism.  It is important to listen to the teaching that was prepared for us by Buddha.

In Gassho,

Yugo Fujita 






沿岸地区仏教婦人会はモントレー仏教会で行われました。メイン講師は Peter Hata先生でありました。英語がきちんと理解できなかったのですが、先生は楽器を使って一如についてお話しておられたと思います。私は日本語の方でお話させていただくご縁を頂戴いたしました。初めての大会での法話、また一時間話す、長時間の法話は初めてだったので、上手くいくか不安でした。しかし、サリナス仏教会のメンバー様が多く来てくださっていたおかげで、何とか1時間の法話を終える事ができました。ありがとうございました。内容としましては、無我と無明についてお話させていただきました。