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April 2017 White Path message by Rev. Yugo Fujita

Dear Temple members,

Hello, this is Yugo Fujita. I hope you are doing well and enjoying this month.  First, I would like to mention something about Tri-temple Hanamatsuri at Monterey Buddhist Temple. We will have the Hanamaturi service at Monterey Buddhist Temple on Sun, April 9th at 10AM. Please go to Monterey Buddhist Temple and Don’t make mistake, if you attend the service. The guest speaker is going to be Rev. Kuwahara who we had Hoonko service as a guest speaker. We will be able to hear great talk again from him. Also, he is going to give a lecture to us. 

Other day I attended the BCA Ministers Association and National Council Meeting in San Jose with Mr. Hirahara and Mr. Tanimura. It was my first time to me, but I we had good time. Many senior ministers were very sharing and grave me good ideas to help me become a good minister. Each encounter is precious and valuable I thought. Thank you very much people who made Onigiri and some food for hospitality on Thu in BCA meeting. We enjoyed them. 

During Council Meeting, there is a chance to listen other ministers’ Dharma message. To me, it has been a while. While I listened their message, I have realized that we are now in Amida’s light that there is no decimation. The light makes me satisfy and cure. My hard time and sad is changed. I was able to feel that we are same all sentient beings. That make me more than happy. I like listen other ministers message because there is pleasure that I received the message differently last time even though I already study the teaching.