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March 2017 White Path message by Rev. Yugo Fujita

Dear Temple Members,

I hope that you are all in good health and doing well. I will be attending the BCA National Council Meeting in San Jose with Mr. Gary Tanimura and Mr. Larry Hirahara. I will be attending this meeting for the first time and I am looking forward to going there and meeting new people. Before the meeting, I will attend the BCA Ministers Association Meeting, and will share my Dharma message during the service in front of other ministers. I hope that my message will be well-received.

Recently, some Dharma school students and I went to watch the movie “The LEGO Batman Movie”. We enjoyed the movie and I was glad that I was able to spend time with the students. While I watched the movie, I found that there were many Buddhist messages in the movie. That made me very happy. I believe that Buddhist teachings are to be found everywhere in our everyday life, if we look for them. If we change our perspective, we can find these teachings. It is perhaps important to separate yourself from your own concerns and listen to others, and also listen to the Buddhist teachings. 

仏教会メンバー の皆様