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White Path Message by Rev. Yugo Fujita for October 2017

Dear Dharma Friends:   


First, I would like to thank everyone that came to the open house for the new temple minister’s residence. Also, many thanks to everyone that brought gifts. It was a short time but I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves at the open house event. I am very grateful for being allowed to live in such a wonderful residence.    


Before the open house, my family came to visit me from Japan. In Japan, I never had any experience in introducing my family in public, but because of the fantastic potluck dinner held in their honor by the congregation, I was able to introduce my family to everyone. I am very grateful for everyone taking time away from their busy schedule to meet may parents and my sister. My family was very happy to see everyone. My family and myself are very thankful that we have the good fortune to be introduced to such a wonderful congregation. I would like to thank all the people who helped to organize and prepare for these events and to all the people that brought many kinds of food for the potluck dinner and for the open house. Again, thank you very much.   


Thanks to all the generosity and kindness from everyone, my family and I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful time together. Thank you very much again.   


From October 26 to 30, I will be attending the Jodo Shinshu East-Western Joint Workshop and the Fall Monpo (hearing the teaching of Buddha) gathering at the Jodo Shinshu Center in Berkeley, and I will be away from Salinas. I am available on my cell phone during this period, so please call me anytime if you need to contact me.  It has been very hot in Salinas for several days, but I think it is going to be colder soon, so please take good care of yourself.    


Lastly, let me end this message with one of the teaching from Buddhism.  It is possible that some people can eliminate from their mind and thoughts the corrupting influence of earthly desires and passions (bon-nō in Japanese), and self-centered emotions of the heart, all by themselves, thereby acquiring the Buddha nature on their own. If, however, there are people that cannot achieve this state on their own, it can be said that everyone is not equal in this regard. In the Jodo-Shinshu teaching, everyone is provided with the ability to attain this Buddha state by the infinite compassion of Amida-sama, without having to depend on your own ability. It is provided equally without precondition and without any discrimination. This is a wonderful and grateful message.   



Yugo Fujita