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January 2017 White Path message by Rev. Yugo Fujita

Dear Dharma Friends,

Happy New Year! I hope you and your families are doing well in the Amida Buddha’s light and I also hope that this year brings great things to all of you.

I have been very honored to spend time with you as the minister of the Buddhist Temple of Salinas and living in a new city. 

The Buddhist Temple of Salinas has had several activities recently: Omigaki, General Clean up and Mochitsuki. I may not have had the opportunity to adequately express my appreciation to you for all of your help at these events, so please allow me to express my gratitude now. Thank you very much for coming to help the temple despite your very busy schedule at the end of year. A lot of elder and younger people participated in Temple clean up, cleaning inside and in the garden area. The garden trees look very nice after receiving care. Please come to see the trees next time you are here. The temple members also prepared Mochi so that we can enjoy them during the cold winter months.

I have been here just three months, and I am learning that our temple is standing on the shoulders of many people, and that the temple exists to help many people. I think that the important heart of Buddhism is to support each other.

I hope all of you make nice memories through the Buddhist Temple of Salinas, with the heart of supporting each other in this New Year with people who are important to you.

In Gassho,

Yugo Fujita









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