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December 2016 White Path message by Rev. Yugo Fujita

Dear Temple Members,

I hope this letter finds you in Amida Buddha’s light.

The time flies and the year is almost over. It has been one month since I came to the Buddhist Temple of Salinas. I am getting used to living in Salinas because a lot of members helped me and supported me. I am very grateful for that. I heard that many members helped clean and prepare the parsonage. Thank you for preparing the parsonage during such a busy time.  I am able to live in the parsonage comfortably, so I never became terribly homesick.

On Nov. 6th, we had our annual udon luncheon. I was surprised that so many people came to the udon luncheon and enjoyed our udon. There were a lot of people who are members, members’ families, relatives, friends and people who are not members. It is nice that so many people came to our Udon Feed. YBA and Dharma School students worked hard on the bake sale and helped to serve our guests. I would like to thank all the people who helped with this feed, made udon and set up the luncheon. 

On Nov. 13th, we had our BWA Memorial service in memory of all the BWA members and Salinas BWA 90th anniversary. Thank you for inviting me for the 90th anniversary of the Salinas BWA. We enjoyed obento and the movie of temple history. We were able to celebrate 90th anniversary because so many people who are past BWA members and present members work hard. I would like to join and help BWA for BWA’s many more successful years.

I hope you, your family and friends have a great time on Thanksgiving Day.


Yugo Fujita








藤田 裕豪