Temple President's March 2017 Message

Hello Salinas Buddhist Temple Members, this is this month’s updates from your Temple President. I am looking forward to attending the annual National Council Meeting in San Jose at the end of this month. Larry Hirahara, Reverend Fujita and I will be representing the Temple and we have the voting right for our Temple for the issues that come up for votes during the National Council Meeting. I will report back in next month’s newsletter on the items that the Council voted on during the meeting. The chairman of the National Council meeting would like to invite Salinas Temple members to the annual banquet, which will be held on Saturday night on March 4th at Marriott Hotel in San Jose. Tickets are $100 per seat, please email or call me if anyone would like to attend the event. Also on Sunday March 5th at 10 AM, the National Council meeting is having Eitakiyo Service at the San Jose Buddhist Temple Betsuin.

Other important news is that we will be having Tri Temple services and luncheon after the service. The first one will be the Hanamatsuri Service on April 9th at the Monterey Buddhist Temple at 10 AM. On May 20th the Goutanye Service will be held at Watsonville Buddhist Temple. Finally on August 20th we will be hosting the Shonin Memorial Service with Dr. Ken Tanaka as our guest speaker. Members of the Temple will be offering car pool services for people who feel that they can’t drive to Monterey or Watsonville for the two out of town service.  Please plan to attend these three services, as each service will have great guest speakers. It will be especially good if Dharma School kids can attend, because they will be treated to a special “Dharma Talk” for the kids. 

If any Temple members have good ideas on how to make the Temple better, please let me know so that we can talk about them at the Temple board of directors meetings.


Gary Tanimura









Temple President's February 2017 Message

Dear Temple members,

     Happy New Year everyone! I, Gary Tanimura, am your president for the Buddhist Temple of Salinas for 2017. First I would like to give a very big thank you from the Buddhist Temple of Salinas to Jimmy Eitoku, who has been president during the past three years. Through his efforts and the efforts of our past presidents, Melvin Aoki and Gary Omori, we now have a young, energetic, willing-to-learn resident minister, Rev. Yugo Fujita. I would also like to thank Carol Cisneros and Mariko Yamashita, who are leaving the board for 2017 after many years of service on the board. Mariko has agreed to continue as recording secretary. I’d like to let the membership know that we have Tsugu Kuramura returning to the board, and we also have three new board members, Alan Takemura, Glenn Minami and Neil Uota serving for 2017-2019.

   This month the Temple had its January Hoonko Service and New Year Party on Sunday, January 15th. We were fortunate to have Rev. Kiyonobu Kuwahara the co-Director of the BCA Center for Buddhist Education as our guest speaker. We had a nice luncheon and installation of the board of the directors of the Buddhist Temple, BWA and YBA after the meal. Please join us in February for the Nirvana Day Service on Sunday, February 12th. I’d also like to invite the membership to the Temple annual meeting, which I am having on Monday, February 13th at 6 PM at the boardroom at the Buddhist Temple of Salinas.

     On being your president for this year, please email me with any ideas on how I can make the Temple better, especially about how we can grow our membership at the Temple. It was a topic that we discussed at the last Tri-Temple (Monterey-Salinas-Watsonville) meeting in Monterey. Rev. Jay plans to talk about this at the next Tri Temple meeting in Salinas in April. So please email me at


Gary Tanimura








Temple President's January 2017 Message

Dear temple members,

It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as the temple President for three years. I was able to get through it because of the guidance and support of the board of directors and the many temple members that helped me. Just reminders of things that need to get done were a big help to me. I am grateful for the new Reverend being here to help teach the Nembutsu, and hope we can attract new members to grow our sangha in the future. I know Gary Tanimura will do a great job as president next year, and will need the help and support of each temple member.

I hope you enjoy a very happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year.

In Gassho,

Jimmy Eitoku





合    掌



Temple President December 2016 White Path message

Dear Temple members and friends,

I am very happy to report this is my last monthly message as your temple President. I didn’t think I could be a good President, but the Board of directors and temple members don’t expect a great President to run the temple.  The board and the members just need responsible people to take turn leading the temple into the future. The temple has been here for 92 years lead by many volunteer members stepping up on their behalf.  The board of directors is made up of volunteers who make the commitment of meeting once a month to make decisions for the temple. Please volunteer to be a board member.  The temple needs new ideas and voices. 

I am happy to announce the Buddhist Temple of Salinas will restart the weekly Saturday morning meditation class, and the weekly Sunday morning family services. Please help spread the news, and feel free to bring guests to the meditation class or the weekly family services or both. Come meet our new resident minister, Yugo Fujita. Sensei is young, and very eager to teach the Nembutsu.  We would like to try new ideas going forward.

In Gassho,

Jimmy Eitoku






                                            合    掌



Temple President November 2016 White Path Message

Dear Temple members and friends,

I am very happy to welcome Reverend Yugo Fujita Sensei to our temple as our resident minister. We have been very fortunate to have been taught by so many wonderful senseis in the past, and I’m sure Fujita sensei will work to be a great teacher of Buddhism for our community. Sensei will be seeking guidance from our members and board of directors for how to spread the Nembutsu in our community.  We will be working with the Monterey temple to help provide services to the Watsonville area too.

Please help the board of directors by serving a term to provide ideas and direction for how to keep the temple growing to spread the Nembutsu. Retired people, working parents, single working adults, college students; Hispanic people all have different ideas and connections in our community.  We need a diverse board to come up with new ideas.  Having long time board members is great in providing continuity in the board, and I can’t thank them enough for serving when so many people will not serve. I know each member has made many sacrifices to devote some time for the betterment of the temple and MEMBERS. For members who have not served on the board, PLEASE HELP. Just by being on the board, I learned many things about the temple and Buddhism and myself.    If more people lived by the principles taught in Buddhism, there would be a great reduction in violence and hatred in our society leading to a happier life for all.


Jimmy Eitoku




より多くの方が仏法の教えを生活の中で実践すれば世の中から 暴力や差別やいじめが減っていき幸せな気持ちが増えるのではないかと思います。

合      掌


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