Temple President's Message for December 2017

To the Temple members of Salinas Buddhist Temple and friends, this message will be the last as the temple President for the monthly newsletter. I would like to thank the Salinas Buddhist Temple and especially the BWA for the turnout for the Nembutsu Family Conference on October 29th. Out of the 155 people who came to the conference, 80 were from the Salinas Temple. Without the turnout from Salinas we would have had a very poorly attended conference. It also helped that the Coast District YBA had they monthly meeting at the conference. We had twenty YBA youths attending the conference which was a great help for the conference.   
Again, I thank all the members of the Salinas Buddhist Temple who helped to make the conference very successful.    
In closing, this is my last President’s message for the newsletter. I am very grateful for all the help this year for my term as your President, especially for all the funeral services we had during my year in office. It seems that in the early summer months, we had a funeral or funeral meeting every other week at the Temple.  We could not have done such a great job for the surviving members of the families without all the help we got from the members on the services. I also would like to thank everyone who was involved in finding and buying the new minister’s residence in South Salinas. I also thank all the members who helped in fixing and donating things for the new residence.    
In Gassho 
Gary Tanimura    
ゲリー 谷村

Temple President's Message for November 2017

To the Temple members of Salinas Buddhist Temple and friends:   
I would like to thank all the Temple members and friends who came to the annual Keirokai for our senior members of the Temple who are 75 years or older. I think we had more food for the potluck luncheon than what we had for the New Year party in January, so again thank you members and friends for all the wonderful food everyone brought to the Keirokai. I would also like to thank everyone that provided all the great entertainment for the seniors.  I would also like to thank the members of the Temple who attended the Nembutsu Family Conference we had at the Temple on October 29th. Without the local memberships, we would have had very poor turnout for the conference.   
On Sunday, November 5th, the YBA is having a pancake breakfast fundraiser for the Temple. This is the first time the YBA is having a fundraiser for the Temple since the YBA was re-started last year, after not having one for many years due to lack of YBA age youths at the Temple. So again, please come and support the Temple and the YBA families and kids.   
On Sunday, November 12th, the BWA is having their BWA Memorial Service at the Temple. I hope you can support the BWA service. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23rd.    
In Gassho, 
Gary Tanimura   
Gary Tanimura

Temple President's Message for October 2017

To the Temple Members of Salinas Buddhist Temple and Friends of the Temple:

I would like to thank all the Temple members and friends who came to the potluck dinner for Rev. Fujita’s parents and sister, who were visiting the Sensei from Japan. I would also like to thank all the people who were able to attend Rev. Fujita’s open house, which was held at the new parsonage residence on September 10th.

We are having two big events in the month of October. First, we are having Eitaikyo & October Shotsuki service on Sunday, October 15th. It is also the day for our annual Keirokai event for all the senior members of the Salinas Buddhist Temple. On Sunday, October 29th we will be hosting the Nembutsu Family Conference at our Temple. I have invited the Bishop to attend the conference and I received a response that he and his wife will be able to attend. So please plan to attend these two major events for the month of October.

On Sunday November 5th, the YBA is having a pancake breakfast fundraiser for the Temple. This is the first time the YBA is having a fundraiser for the Temple since the YBA was restarted last year after many years of not having the YBA due to lack of people with the right age. So again, please come and support the Temple and the YBA families and kids.

In Gassho

Gary Tanimura





10月は大きなイベントが二つあります。10月15日, 日曜日には、永代経・10月祥月法要があります。また同じ日には、年に1度の敬老会があります。10月29日, 日曜日には、念仏ファミリー大会がサリナスにて開催されます。私は総長を招待し、総長はご夫人とともに参加することになっています。是非上記の2つの行事に是非ご参加ください。 

11月5日, 日曜日、YBA(青年仏教会)がパンケーキ朝食資金集めを行います。この資金集めは昨年始めたYBAの初めての資金集めです。是非彼ら、彼らの家族を支援するため参加してください。



Gary Tanimura


Temple President's Message for September 2017

To the Temple members of Salinas Buddhist Temple and friends of the temple:

I am happy to report that Rev. Yugo Fujita was finally able to move into the new residence on Saturday August 12th. I would like to thank Don Yoshimura and Davis Onitsuka and others for helping to move the big items from the old residence to the new residence on Saturday just before Sachi Kawahira funeral. I have a long list of people who helped to get the new residence ready for the move. Thank you to the BWA for the donation of money for the house and the help in cleaning the residence before the move. The YBA helped to paint some of the rooms in the house, and thanks to Alesia Uchida and her family in organizing this effort. Alesia Uchida also donated some furniture for the house. It was a complete Temple membership effort and I thank everyone who was involved.

In September, there will be three main events taking place at the Temple. On Sunday September 17th, we are having the Autumn Ohigan & Shotsuki Service and also celebrating the Grandparents Day. On Sunday September 24th, we are having our annual Tri Tip BBQ fundraiser for the Temple. Finally, on Saturday September 30th at 7:00 PM we are having a new social event called "cheese tasting social" for the tri- temple members, former YABA and YBA alumni, and we also welcome any potential new members. Please be sure to put these events on your calendar.

On October 29th, our Temple is the host for the 2017 Coast District Nembutsu Family Conference. Since it is close to Halloween the theme of the conference is “Together with the Buddha at Halloween.” We are having Rev. Yushi Mukojima from Mt. View to be the Japanese service guest speaker, and Rev. David Matsumoto from IBS will be the English service guest speaker. The kids and youth should wear their Halloween costumes and they will be decorating pumpkins at the event. We will be also having an activity for the adults at the conference and provide bento lunch for everyone. So please sign up for the conference. I want Salinas to have a good showing for the event.

In Gassho, Gary Tanimura



藤田開教使が 8 12 日に新しい住宅へ引っ越ししたことをお知らせいたします。Don Yoshimura さん と Davis Onitsuka さん、また引っ越しを手伝ってくださった多くの方々に感謝致します。私は引っ越しのた めに手伝ってくださった方々の長いリストをもっています。仏教婦人会は引っ越し前の掃除をしてくださ ったり、多額の寄付をしてくださいました。YBA はいくつかの部屋を塗って、Alesia Uchida さんと家族も また、塗ることを手伝ってくださりました。手伝ってくださった多くの方々に感謝致します。

・今月仏教会は3つの予定行事があります。9 月 17 日に、お彼岸・祥月法要 Grandparents day も共に。9 月 24 日日曜日、トライティップバーベキュー資金集めがあります。9 月 30 日土曜日、午後 7 時からチー ズ&ワイン親睦会があります。

10 29 日、仏教会は沿岸教区念仏家族大会があります。テーマは、“Together with the Buddha at Halloween”です。マウンテンビュー仏教会の向嶋先生が日本語のご講師、IBS Rev. David Matsumoto が 英語のご講師です。子共達はコスチュームをして、カボチャ切りの工作をします。また、大人用の活動も 用意しています。BOX 弁当も用意する予定です。前もって予約をお願い致します。どうぞお越しくださ い。


Gary Tanimura 


Temple President's Message for August 2017

To the members and friends of the Buddhist Temple of Salinas:

First, I would like to thank all the temple members and friends who helped out during this month of funerals. It was a very sad month for the Temple with the passing of many Temple members, Mr. Morinaga Tashiro, Mrs. Kyoko Katy Royston, and Mrs. Shinobu Gatanaga. We also lost temple friends, Mr. George Higashi and Tony Miyanaga. All the families told me that they were very grateful for the support the Temple provided to the deceased’s family. I know that for many of you, every week was very busy working on the funerals, and I hope that we won’t be losing any more members and friends in the coming months.  

On a happier note Davis Onitsuka continues to work on the new residence for Rev. Fujita. We were hoping to finish it by Fourth of July weekend but we have had some delays. At the July board of directors meeting, we decided to postpone the move until after the Obon. We are looking to the first or second week in August to move Rev. Fujita in. I would like to thank the BWA for their generous donation to the Temple to help out in the moving expenses to the new residence.

For upcoming events, I am hoping that everyone will be able to help out at this year’s Obon Festival on July 30th. Please check the newsletter for the time and event that you are supposed to help out with. We are having monthly service and shotsuki service on August 13th. On Saturday, August 19th, we are having a Tri Temple Dharma talk with Dr. Ken Tanaka, who was born in Japan, and grew up in Mt. View, CA. He earned B.A. in anthropology from Stanford University and Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from UC Berkeley. He now lives in Japan and teaches at Musashino University in Tokyo. He will also be the keynote speaker for the Tri Temple Rennyo Shonin Memorial Service which will be at the Buddhist Temple of Salinas on Sunday, August 20th. After the service, we are hosting a tri temple luncheon, so please plan to come to this event. It will be a rare opportunity to hear about Buddhism from a true expert.
In Gassho,
Gary Tanimura




まず初めに今月の葬儀を手伝ってくれた皆さんありがとうございました。メンバー・友人であった、Mr. Morinaga Tashiro, Mrs. Kyoko Katy Royston, Mrs. Shinobu Gatanaga, Mr. George Higashi and Tony Miyanagaがお亡くなりになった事は、仏教会にとって悲しいことです。すべてのご家族は私に、仏教会の助けに感謝していると述べました。いくつかのメンバーは葬儀ごとに働き大変忙しかった事を私は知っています。これからの月はこれ以上のメンバーを失わない事を願っています。

嬉しい事にDavis Onitsukaさんが引き続き開教使宅の修理の仕事をしています。私たちは7月4日までに修理が終わることを望んでいましたが、少し遅れています。私たちは7月の委員会でお盆祭り後まで引っ越さない事を決めました。8月の初め、また2週目の週に藤田開教使に引っ越してもらおうと考えています。仏教会に今回の費用に寄付をしてくれた、仏教婦人会には感謝いたします。

7月30日に行われるお盆祭りのお手伝いをよろしくお願いします。手伝う時間をニュースレターで確認してください。8月13日に祥月法要があります。8月19日土曜日には、Dr. Ken Tanakaによる法話があります。彼は日本生まれで、Mt. View で育ちました。彼はStanford 大学で人類学のB.A., そしてUC BerkeleyでBuddhist StudiesのPh.D. を 獲得しています。そして今は日本滞在で、武蔵野大学教授です。彼はまたサリナス仏教会で行われるトライテンプル蓮如上人法要のご講師でもあります。法要は8月20日、日曜日です。後には食事もありますのでぜひお越しください。真のエキスパートから仏教について聞くことはまれな機会になります。

合掌 Gary Tanimura

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