Temple President’s March 2012 White Path Message

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, our friend and beloved Temple member. Les Kaneshiro, passed away on February 15, 2012. We all benefitted from Les Kaneshiro’s dedication to this temple. He was passionate about helping others and sharing the wisdom he gained from his extraordinary life experiences. Les led by example. Thank you Les, you will be missed by all.

I want to say thank you to the Nansatsu Doshikai. I attended their New Year Party on January 29, 2012 and had a wonderful time. 

On February 14, 2012, we held the annual General Temple Meeting. I am excited about the new ideas and energy that Sensei brings to our Temple. He expressed his commitment to Community outreach and growing the Temple. Please join me in supporting Sensei and his important work. 

The Temple has a new Web site: Please spread the word with family and friends. In closing, thank you for your support. Please share with me your feedback, suggestions and concerns. Thank you.

In Gassho,

Gary Omori








仏教会会長 大森ゲリー


Temple President’s February 2012 White Path Message

Happy New Year! Friends,

Wow, I can hardly believe 2012 is already upon us and that another year is behind us. It seems a year just begins and ends before we even know it.

I enjoyed seeing many of you at the New Year/Welcome Party.  Thank you for attending.

This new year we welcome a major change for our Temple.  After 2 and ½ years, we have a new resident minister!  Please join me in welcoming our new resident minister, Reverend Fujikawa and his wife Mrs. Minako Fujikawa to the Temple for what I hope will be a long and wonderful tenure here.  Thankfully, during the time we were without a resident minister, we were fortunate to receive the guidance and wisdom of  Supervising Minister, Reverend Hanayama. We acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices endured by the Reverend and his family as well as we appreciate the cooperation of Watsonville Sangha.  And of course, the Temple owes a profound debt of gratitude to Mr. Melvin Aoki,  who poured all of himself, into his service as Temple President. He has kept the Temple on course, kept us in the black financially, and had the patience and focus to find us Reverend Fujikawa. We have begun the process of preparing for a new and exciting way for Dharma teaching here in Salinas.  I'm excited about looking at things in a different way with the possibility of expanding our membership and new opportunities of community outreach and propagating the teachings of the Dharma.

This past year we have also had to say goodbye to several of our Temple members, who all have left their mark here in Salinas.

I hope that during my time as President, I can help to work with the Sensei, the Board and many of you to come up with ideas and ways to improve the way we communicate and encourage member participation.  I sincerely hope that the Temple families will help to encourage the youth and young adults to help continue the legacy and work that our Temple founders envisioned and worked so hard to create and continue to work for nearly 90 years. 

In closing, on behalf of the Temple,  I again would like to express gratitude to Mr. Melvin Aoki, all of the Board members,  Dr. John Hirasuna for Chairing the Obon, and all of the volunteers for their dedicated work over the past year to make the Temple run efficiently and spread the teachings of the Dharma.  I also want to thank the folks who made today’s New Year Party possible. Thank you Larry Hirahara for serving as Chairperson for the Hoonko/January Shotsuki service and for Chairing the New Year/Welcoming Party.  I also want to thank Carole Cisneros, Les Kaneshiro, Melvin and June Aoki, Mrs. Kasuyo Kikuchi, and the BWA, Mr. Larry Tokiwa, and Mrs. Kahori Kuramura.  On behalf of the Temple, thank you all very much.

May this coming year be a wonderful and meaningful year for all of you. 

Thank you.

In Gassho,

Gary Omori 













仏教会会長 大森ゲリー


Temple President’s Message January 2012

As we begin the new year, I would like to wish everyone good health and a very prosperous New Year.

Shortly you will be led by our new president, Gary Omori, and our new Resident Minister, Reverend Orai Fujikawa.

Please support Gary in his endeavors with the temple. He comes to the temple with new ideas and a willingness to work diligently for the success of the temple. Success depends on your assistance in all the projects, new and old. 

With Reverend Fujikawa’s experience, our temple should once again begin to grow religiously and in number. We have lost many of our elders these last years and have not increased our membership. There are many potential new members with families that should be joining our temple. With Reverend Fujikawa’s guidance, hopefully these potential members will join the Buddhist Temple of Salinas. 

These past three years of my presidency have been difficult years. Dwindling membership, no resident minister for two and a half years, Dharma school children without a minister to teach the ways of Buddhism, members helping in projects at very low levels with the same few members helping in most projects), aging membership (mentally they wish to help, but physically they are unable.)


There had been a rising number of memorial services in private residences. Along with these private memorial services, income from these services at the Buddhist Temple of Salinas are somewhat low. Members holding these services feel that they do not have to orei the temple, which is not true. Without the temple. there will be no ministers to hold these memorial services. Members are supposed to orei the temple, but many do not.

Our Dharma School children have been without a minister to guide them in our religious endeavors. I am sure that is why many of our children are not attending our dharma school classes. While our Dharma school leaders are doing their best, it is difficult to be without a religious leader in teaching the children about the Dharma. Now it will be possible and we must make an effort to get more children into our Dharma classes and to encourage the parents to become temple members.

These items were bothering me, and I wanted to let you know of my concerns. Thank you for your support in my three years as your president.

In Gassho,

Melvin Aoki

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