Temple President’s October 2014 message

Change is the constant fact of life. Everything changes around us. Some things change faster than others. The Temple members have been very fortunate that Melvin and June Aoki have been putting together and mailing out "The White Path" for us every month for 6 years. We will now have group of volunteers that have stepped up to take on the task.

The Board of Directors needs to change every year too. I know everybody is busy with many activities, but I need the help of new members to carry on the functions of our temple. This year, we will be going back to elections of board of directors. I'm very hopeful that the elected members can attend most of the meetings so that we can have a quorum and make decisions on behalf of the temple and members.

I will make this clear: Board members do not have to do all the work for the temple. We just make decisions on the behalf of the temple.

We have many important events coming up as a temple, and I need the support of a new board every year. ONEGAISHIMASU. 

In Gassho, 

Jimmy Eitoku




もう一度言いますが理事の方は仏教会の様々な行事や問題について決定することが一番大切な仕事です。多くのことはほかの皆さんのお手伝いによってすすめられます。 これからも仏教会行事が次々とあります。どうか新しい理事となってお手伝いください。よろしくお願いいたします。 


仏教会会長 栄徳ジミー


Temple President’s April 2014 message


Thank you, Temple members for attending the 90th Temple Anniversary Celebration and your generous donations to the Temple.  As Sensei mentioned in the service; it was nice to see so many people attending the service.

Special thanks to Larry Hirahara for arranging for the name of the Temple  at the “archway” and the new “sign board” with the name and address of the Temple.  Larry was mainly responsible for getting and putting up the sign board (helped by Larry Tokiwa and Herb Wong). Dharma School paid for the name of the Temple on the archway.

Thanks to the 90th Anniversary Committee who gave their precious time and effort for the Temple to make it a memorable celebration.  Also, thank you to Shiro and Mitzi Higashi, who paid for the sushi makers time and supplies.

Remember in ten short years we will be celebrating our 100th Year Anniversary, so we hope you will all help and attend this memorable event, also. 

A thank you to Mr. Toshihiro Uto and Mr. John Kyutoku for fixing the iron fence near the bell tower.  This was somehow broken by a car running into the fence.


Temple President’s March 2014 message

Dear Temple members, 

Mark your calendars to remind your family and friends to help celebrate the 90th anniversary of your temple teaching the Dharma and supporting many social functions. The celebration service and potluck luncheon will be on Sunday, March 23, 2014.

The general meeting for all temple members was held Tuesday, February 11, 2014. I was disappointed to see there wasn’t much attendance from our members besides our board of directors.  The board of directors can make decisions on behalf of the temple, but the members of the temple need to help attract and encourage growth in the temple. The Board of directors needs new ideas to grow our membership, and make the temple a more vibrant center of Japanese culture. I invite any members to suggest ideas to the board members, and need volunteers to help fill board of director positions we have vacant. We have many elderly members who work very hard on behalf of the temple, and they need the help of others. The tasks necessary to maintain a temple are not difficult. It is only difficult when the same person or people have to do it ALL THE TIME because nobody will help. Please have some compassion for the people we have been taking advantage of. I wish I did not have to address this issue in this manner, but I feel it is very necessary.

I will continue to ask for everybody’s help, because I really do need it on behalf of your Temple.

In Gassho, 

Jimmy Eitoku


Temple President’s January 2014 message

Happy New Year Temple Members!

WOW! I am the new President of the Buddhist temple of Salinas. I reluctantly accepted the office of presidency because like everybody else, I am a very busy person. Because I have the support of a good board of directors, I will give this temple as much of my energy as I can. I have been very fortunate to grow up in Salinas, and literally in the temple gym.  I have been coming to the temple gym to practice kendo for 44 years now. It’s because I’ve been  coming here for  so long that I feel the need to give my energy to  support the temple that has helped guide my life. 

The temple is a  location to help spread the Dharma, but for many people, it is a vital place to socialize and maintain long friendships. The fundraisers we have require a lot of hard work, but  with each member helping, the work can be tolerable. How else will we get to see some of our members? The fundraisers are opportunities for us to share with our friends, co-workers and neighbors that we are Buddhists and spread the Dharma.

The board members asked me to be the President, and I ask each member of the temple to help me, Fujikawa Sensei, his very supportive wife, and the board of directors spread the Dharma and grow the Sangha. Many past members gave a lot of time, energy and money  to this temple, and we must strengthen their efforts to find out what we can accomplish. I often teach my kendo students that you must push yourself out of your comfort zone to find out what you are capable of. I know many people are complacent with what’s been good enough. I hope you can find the strength to help me when I ask for help this year, because I will need a lot of it.


In gassho,

Jimmy Eitoku


Temple President’s December 2013 message

Greetings Temple Members!

As the end of 2013 and busy holiday season quickly approaches, I hope this greeting finds you in good health and spirit. This year zoomed by, and on January 17, 2014 , Reverend and Mrs. Fuijkawa will have been at the Temple for 2 years! “Thank you  and Sensei and Okusan for all your hard and caring work.” I also want to thank the Temple Board, BWA, Dharma School teachers and parents, and Obon Chairman, Dr. Hirasuna, for the hard work and dedication to spreading the Dharma.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Douglas Iwamoto who presented a generous donation to the Temple at the November 2013 Board Meeting as Executor of the Estate of Mr. & Mrs. Hirano.  We will remember Mr. and Mrs. Hirano for their generosity, dedication to the Nembutsu and for their passion of guiding the youth of the Temple.

Recently, a police chase resulted in a main plumbing fixture of the classroom and Hondo being severely damaged. Mr. Kyutoku, Larry Tokiwa and Herbert Wong worked to repair the damage and restore water service to the Hondo and classroom. Thank you for your quick action.

We have several events that require help from Temple members. We will have the Udon Feed on December 8, Omigaki on Friday December 13, Mochitsuki on December 15, and the Temple cleanup on December 22.  Please try to donate time to help at these events. The times and details are on the Temple website: www.btsalinas.org. I also express my thanks to Melvin Aoki and assistant June, who tirelessly send out these newsletters.

Finally, we need new board members to fill cabinet positions and help lead the Temple into the future. Jimmy Eitoku will be the President for 2014. On behalf of the Temple I wish to express profound appreciation to Jimmy for his leadership. I hope you all will support Jimmy by donating your time and help to Jimmy and the future Board. I also want to thank all of you for your support and help during my time as President.

With Gratitude,

In Gassho, 

Gary Omori