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Temple President's Message for July 2018

Greetings everyone! It’s July, it’s summer vacation, it’s OBON!!!!

As it is every year it will be lots of hard work. If you are able please come and help. If you cannot help but are well enough to come out, please do so and share stories of OBONs past.

As we approach our 100thyear anniversary, I try to imagine what it was like in 1924. The political, social and economic conditions were different, there was discrimination, depression and wars. To say that it was a different world may be an understatement. Yet the Issei and Nisei built this temple and those who followed re-built the Temple and the Social Hall so that we may continue to hear the Buddha Dharma. I am humbled by the beauty of the Naijin and moved by the sound of the Kansho. As I reflect I am also a little embarrassed, when I hear words “I’m busy, I’m tired or no time” come out of my mouth.

All I can say is “Namo Amida Butsu”.

Please Gassho at the Naijin before Obon, after Obon it will be disassembled and shipped to Japan for refurbishing by special artisans. The project will take nearly a year, we hope to have it back by Obon 2019 shining brightly as it did nearly a 100 years ago.

Stay tuned.

In Gassho,

Mark Amiya 








Mark Amiya