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Temple President's Message for July 2017


To Temple members and friends of the Temple

Since the last newsletter, the Temple closed on the purchase of a new residence for the minister on May 24th. The new residence is at 1220 San Marcos Drive in South Salinas close to the Memorial Hospital and Monterey Park Elementary School. The house was fumigated for termites on June 1st. On June 9th to 11th weekend, YBA members painted the rooms under the supervision Davis Onitsuka. Davis reports that additional tile work is needed for the house and the flooring in the kitchen needs to be changed. The stove in the house is not working, and new appliances are also needed. Davis is hoping that Reverend Fujita can move into the house on the first weekend in July. We would like to thank Alicia Uchida and Davis Onitsuka for their tireless work on this project over the last three months. The overall housing market has been very strong over these past three months and we are very lucky that we were able to find a nice house in a great location.

On other temple news, the Dharma School had their end of the school year meeting on June 11th after the monthly service and Faye Amiya has decided to step down from the Dharma School board. Irene Vargas and Laura Takemura have volunteered to join the Dharma School board for this coming school year and help Laura Lee and Cara Tsukamoto on the Dharma School board. The Temple needs to thank Faye Amiya for the twenty years that she has served on the Dharma School board. Our sincere thanks go out to Faye Amiya from the Board of the Salinas Buddhist Temple.

The Obon service will be held on July 9th. Rev. Fujita will hold a service at the Garden of Memory at 9 AM, Yamato Cemetery at 10 AM and Salinas Buddhist Temple at 11 AM.  Also on the calendar is Monterey Obon Festival on July 9th in the afternoon and Watsonville will have their Obon on July 16th. We are having our Obon Festival on July 30th so please come out and help during the week with the setup and especially on Saturday before the festival, and on Obon Sunday. Please let Carol Cisneros know if you know any volunteers that can help, since our membership is getting older and we need all the help we can get.

In Gassho

Gary Tanimura




5月24日に、開教使宅の購入を終えました。新しい住宅はサウス・サリナスの1220サンマルコス・ドライブでメモリアル病院と学校の近くです。6月1日に消毒をすませ、6月9日から11日、YBAのメンバーがDavis Onitsukaさんの監視の元、塗装をしてくれました。Davis Onitsukaさんがタイルとキッチンのフローリングの修理、コンロの購入が必要という事を報告してくれました。7月の初めの週には、藤田開教使が新しい家に入れるとDavis Onitsukaさんは考えています。3カ月間この事について働いてくださったAlicia Uchidaさん とDavis Onitsukaさんへ仏教会は感謝の意を述べます。

6月11日をもって今年度ダルマスクールが終わりました。この日に会議を開き、Faye Amiyaさんがダルマスクールの委員会から退くことを決めました。 Irene Vargasさん と Laura Takemuraさんが委員会に新たに入り、Laura LeeさんとCara Tsukamotoさんと共にダーマスクールを手伝って下さいます。Faye Amiyaさんは20年間ダーマスクールの為にご尽力くださいました。仏教会はFaye Amiyaさんに感謝いたします。



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