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Temple President's Message for October 2017

To the Temple Members of Salinas Buddhist Temple and Friends of the Temple:

I would like to thank all the Temple members and friends who came to the potluck dinner for Rev. Fujita’s parents and sister, who were visiting the Sensei from Japan. I would also like to thank all the people who were able to attend Rev. Fujita’s open house, which was held at the new parsonage residence on September 10th.

We are having two big events in the month of October. First, we are having Eitaikyo & October Shotsuki service on Sunday, October 15th. It is also the day for our annual Keirokai event for all the senior members of the Salinas Buddhist Temple. On Sunday, October 29th we will be hosting the Nembutsu Family Conference at our Temple. I have invited the Bishop to attend the conference and I received a response that he and his wife will be able to attend. So please plan to attend these two major events for the month of October.

On Sunday November 5th, the YBA is having a pancake breakfast fundraiser for the Temple. This is the first time the YBA is having a fundraiser for the Temple since the YBA was restarted last year after many years of not having the YBA due to lack of people with the right age. So again, please come and support the Temple and the YBA families and kids.

In Gassho

Gary Tanimura





10月は大きなイベントが二つあります。10月15日, 日曜日には、永代経・10月祥月法要があります。また同じ日には、年に1度の敬老会があります。10月29日, 日曜日には、念仏ファミリー大会がサリナスにて開催されます。私は総長を招待し、総長はご夫人とともに参加することになっています。是非上記の2つの行事に是非ご参加ください。 

11月5日, 日曜日、YBA(青年仏教会)がパンケーキ朝食資金集めを行います。この資金集めは昨年始めたYBAの初めての資金集めです。是非彼ら、彼らの家族を支援するため参加してください。



Gary Tanimura