The Hondo

Amida Buddha, side viewAmida Buddha, front view

"The uniqueness of the statue of Amida Buddha in our Pure Land tradition is the fact that Amida is always standing, not sitting, not lying down, which symbolizes the great compassion working constantly. If you have a chance to see the statue from the side, you will notice Amida leaning forward. That means the Buddha is always ready to come to you. Namoamidabutsu" ---Reverend Orai Fujikawa

"仏像は色々あります。座っているもの、横になっているもの、思考中のものなどですが、浄土真宗の阿弥陀様は、いつでも立っていてくださり、知恵と慈悲をもって一人残らず必ず助けたいとの願いを表現したものであります。合掌。なもあみだぶつ。"   釈往来


The Sutras

Of the many sutras, the teachings delivered by Shakyamuni Buddha, there are three upon which the Jodo Shinshu Tradition is based:

The Three Pure Land Sutras Delivered by Shakyamuni Buddha

  1. Bussetsu Muryōju Kyō [The Sutra of the Buddha of Immeasurable Life]
  2. Bussetsu Kammuryōju Kyō [The Sutra of Contemplation of the Buddha of Immeasurable Life]
  3. Bussetsu Amida Kyō [The Sutra on Amida Buddha]


...for keeping rhythm when chanting

altar flowers

Fresh flowers are placed in the onaijin. They symbolize human life: beautiful and impermanent.


見真 (真実を見る)”Ken Shin” “Seeing the Truth

(calligraphy by father of current Monshu of Nishi Hongwanji)