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Temple News for September 2017

1.     Dharma School for 2017-2018 begins on September 10, 2017 at 10 am. Please come and register your children and meet up with the parents and teachers. 


2.     Senior Luncheon: The next senior luncheon will be on Thursday, September 14, 2017. Please contact Mrs. Mitzie Higashi if you plan to attend.

シニアランチョン:次回のシニアランチョンは 2017 9 14 日です。参加ご希望の方は、 Mitzie Higashiさんへご連絡ください。


3.     The Temple Tri-Tip BBQ Fundraiser is on September 24, 2017. The deadline to give ticket count to your district chairperson is September 15. Please sell as many tickets as possible. Also, please bring baked goods for the bake sale. 

仏教会トライティップバーベキューが 2017 9 24 日にあります。9 15 日までに担当の方 にチケットをお渡しください。 


4.     Autumn Ohigan and September Shotsuki Service & Grandparents Day, Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 10 AM. The service will be officiated by Rev. Yugo Fujita.

お彼岸・祥月法要を 2017 9 17 10 時から執り行います。 


5.     On September 30, 2017, the temple will be hosting a Cheese Tasting Social. It will begin at 7 PM. We welcome temple members, former YABA and YBA members, and potential new members. There will be no fee. Various liquid refreshments will be served. Please bring a designated driver, if necessary.

2017 9 30 7 時から仏教会でチーズ、ワイン親睦会を行います。参加費はありません。 是非お越しください。 


6.     On October 29, 2017, the Buddhist Temple of Salinas is hosting the Coast District Nembutsu Family Conference. The guest speaker in Japanese is Rev. Yushi Mukojima. The guest speaker in English is Rev. David Matsumoto. This is an event for the whole family. Please try to attend. Please send in the completed form and check to the temple by October 6, 2017 

2017 10 29 日にサリナス仏教会は Coast District Nembutsu Family Conference を行い ます。御講師は日本語が Rev. Yushi Mukojima 先生と英語が Rev. David Matsumoto 先生で す。この行事はご家族での参加が可能ですので、皆様お越しください。申し込みの締め切りは 2017106日です。 


In Gassho,

Buddhist Temple of Salinas 合掌, サリナス仏教会