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Salinas Obon Festival, July 29, 2018 Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

12:00 PM        Obon Festival Begins

12:30 PM        Tea Ceremony (Hondo/Chapel)

1:00 PM          Shorinji Kempo Demonstration (Outdoor stage)

1:30 PM          Introduction to the Temple (Hondo/Chapel)

2:00 PM          Ikebana Floral Demonstration (Classroom)

2:30 PM          Kendo Demonstration (Outdoor Stage)

2:30 PM          Classical Japanese Dance, Karaoke (Gym)

3:00 PM          Bonsai Demonstration (Classroom) 

4:00 PM          San Jose Taiko Performance (Outdoor Stage)

5:00 PM          Obon Service (Hondo/Chapel)

5:15 PM          Obon Odori Dance (Outdoor Stage)

6:00 PM          Raffle Drawing (Gym)

7:00 PM          Obon Festival Ends

All Day

Ikebana & Bonsai Exhibit in Classrooms

Food Sales in Food Court and in the Gym

Asian Crafts in the Main Hall

Games in the Parking Lot

There will be Free Shuttle Bus Service between Salinas Adult School on 20 Sherwood Dr and the Buddhist Temple of Salinas.