Dharma School Pancake Feed, March 22, 2015 (Sunday)


February News

Temple News-February 2015

1.  General Membership Meeting for 2015 will be held on February 10, 2015 at 6:30 PM. All members are invited to attend this meeting. Temple officers will report on the budget for 2015, on the temple finances, and on plans for 2015 and beyond.  Please try to attend this important meeting, and give us your ideas for improving the temple.

2.  Nirvana Day (Nehan-ye) and February Shotsuki Family Service will be held on February 15, 2015 at 10 AM. On Nirvana Day, we observe a memorial service for Shakyamuni Buddha, who passed away on February 15. This service is to remind us of Buddha's noble teachings and pay tribute to him. The followers of Jodo Shinshu revere Shakyamuni Buddha because He is the manifestation of Amida Buddha on this earth. The February monthly memorial service is a service honoring family and friends who passed away in the month of February. This important service will be officiated by our resident minister, Rev. Orai Fujikawa.

3. BCA National Council meeting in San Diego, February 25-March 1, 2015. Rev. Fujikawa, Larry Hirahara, & Gary Omori plan to attend this meeting to represent the Buddhist Temple of Salinas.


Temple News, January 2015

Greetings, Temple Members and Friends. 2014 is coming to a close. Thank you to everyone for your help in supporting the temple, and we ask for your continued support.

Past Events

1.     The temple would like to thank the following members for polishing the onaijin during the annual Omigaki on December 19, 2014: June Aoki, Toshio & Mitsuko Gatanaga, Larry Hirahara, Sachi Kawahira, Mieko Keating, Kahori Kuramura, Machiko Miyanaga, Fumiko Onitsuka, Kiyoko Uchida, Kazuko Yonemitsu & Rev. Orai Fujikawa.

2.     The temple would like to thank all the temple members and friends who helped at the annual Mochitsuki on December 14, 2014. (A Mochitsuki report appears later in this newsletter.) We still have mochi available for purchase. For orders, please contact Mariko Yamashita or Carol Cisneros.

3.     The temple would like to thank all the temple members and friends who helped clean the temple during general clean up on December 21, 2014. Thanks to your hard work, we are ready for the New Year!


Upcoming Events

1.     New Year’s Eve Service, December 31, 2014. 6 PM. Joya-E. During this brief service, we quietly reflect on the past year, and express appreciation to Amida Buddha for all the people and things that bless our lives. The service concludes with all of us gathering at the temple bell tower, to take part in a ceremonial ringing of the large temple bell. The bell is rung 108 times, signifying the 108 passions that humans are said to possess. During human life, we cannot escape our self-centeredness; we ring the bell in acknowledgement of this, to recognize our weaknesses, and say “Namo Amida Butsu.”

2.     New Year’s Day Service, January 1, 2015. 10 AM. We start the New Year with New Year’s Day Service. We encourage everyone to attend with their extended family and friends. After the service, please say hello to all your friends in the temple courtyard and express your appreciation to them.

3.     Ho-onko Service and January Shotsuki Service, January 11, 2015. 10 AM. Guest speaker, Rev. Masanori Watanabe of Oxnard Buddhist Temple. This is a memorial service for Shinran Shonin, founder of Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism. This service is marked by the chanting of Shōshinge, The Hymn of True Faith, written by Shinran Shonin. I’m sure you have all seen the sutra, written by Rev. Fujikawa and his Shakyō class participants. Let us all recite the verses together, and listen to the Dharma talk by our guest speaker.

 4.     Temple New Year Party, January 11, 2015, following the Ho-onko Service. This is a potluck luncheon. During the party, we will be installing the board members of the Buddhist Temple of Salinas, and its affiliates. Please come with your favorite dish and chat with your friends!











Temple Mochi-tsuki December 14, 2014 (Sunday)


Kisaragi Quartet, Third Annual Concert. November 16, 2014 (Sunday)